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Innovative Graphic Design Trends that You Should Know About

A graphic designer plays a vital role in designing and implementing interactive and multimedia project, and is responsible in providing accurate layout and design of a wide array of print media and publications. With the use of the different graphic design software programs like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, graphic designers are able to put their ideas into action.

Because of their pivotal role in the marketing and advertising industry, graphic designers should be able to cope with and know the different technological breakthroughs in graphic design. This article lists several graphic designing trends that designers and artists have to watch out for.

  • The year 2011 has seen the re-emergence of the ever popular minimalist style in graphic design. More designers are, in fact, adapting this technique in designing – simpler images, simpler shapes, subdued colors, and low key contents. A graphic designer who has been used to making the most colorful designs will find this style quite hard to execute. That is where the greatest challenge lies. A good designer must be able to use single color scheme to create straightforward images yet still come up with the most interesting design.
  • This year has also witnessed the dominance of handwritten elements which is expected to continue with its popularity and appeal in the approaching year. A multitude of graphic designers are discovering the beauty of using different paper textures and handwritten logos. Handwritten logos and fonts can create an aura of warmth and attract more consumers.
  • Though the recent year has seen the emergence of pale colors, the year 2012 will see brighter colors in minimalist style. However, there is a huge possibility that the popular color scheme of 2011, vintage wine and citrus yellow, will still be widely used in the upcoming year.
  • While maintaining minimalism in graphic design, graphic designers can experiment with neutral and skin tones with the primary colors, red and yellow.
  • More and more people are going mobile today. With the advent of innovations in cellular phones, a lot of people are using their mobile phones not only to call or send SMS but also to surf the internet. Graphic designers should be able to learn to take advantage of this booming trend. In designing a website, designers should take into account the visitors who are using their mobile phones by making the navigation of the site simpler and easier and creating content that is user-focused. Since mobile web users want to get the information they need in a matter of minutes, it is essential that the design must be kept simple and clutter-free.
  • Who doesn’t know about 3D or 3 dimensional graphic designs? 3D movies and games are prevalent nowadays. 3D is the new generation in software development. Graphic designers are slowly incorporating the 3D software into web and graphic designing. This adds more depth and action to a company’s website making it significantly appealing to consumers. There is free 3D software in the internet today for designers who want to try it out first.

Graphic designers should be able to learn to adapt to technology advancements. Experimentation will enhance any graphic artist’s creativity to develop new trends in graphic design. Hence, if you need the services of highly skilled and innovative graphic artists, contact Brian Hong or visit


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