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Personalization for Email Marketing - Infintech Designs Sep 26, 2015

Personalization Is Important for Email Marketing

For email marketing, personalization is extremely important. Emails for marketing purposes often lack personalization either because the marketer doesn’t know how to personalize the emails or simply doesn’t care. If you don’t think that personalization is an important part of email marketing, you should know that you are automatically losing a certain segment of potential customers without personalization. Here are some reasons why personalization is important for email marketing.

Use Location and Time

Using location and time as a part of your email marketing strategy is especially helpful if you are trying to reach mobile customers. With location-based tracking, you can use this data to determine where customers are to send them time-sensitive offers. If your business has physical locations, you can offer customers in-store promotions and send them alerts via email. You can also use location-based tracking in order to determine when a customer is near your business to send out offers.

Timing is also important for email marketing, especially if your business is seasonal. Use email marketing to collect data about your customers and send them special promotions during the year, such as birthdays and holidays. Your customers will appreciate the fact that you are paying attention to their needs and are not blindly sending offers, as many companies are guilty of doing.

Use Verified Data

Personalization doesn’t only mean switching out the greeting of the email to include the customers name. In fact, you should analyze the various audience segments that you are trying to reach in order to determine what these individuals have in common. By testing out various email marketing strategies based on the data that you have about your customers, you can come up with personalization strategies that are more likely to resonate with your customers.

Make Sure That Your Data Is Accurate

Personalizing your email marketing strategy depends on accurate data. If you are unsure if the data that you have about your audience is accurate, then you should not push ahead with a personalization strategy. Personalization strategies that are executed with unverifiable data can backfire. Make sure that you carefully evaluate potential outcomes of pursuing an email strategy based on data if you are not sure if the data is 100% accurate. Making incorrect assumptions about your users could easily lead to a PR problem for your company.

Make Sure to Obtain Permission

With personalization, it is especially important that you make sure that customers know that they are opting in to your email marketing. You also want to make sure that you maintain an updated privacy policy for your website or app so that customers know how the information that you are collecting about them is being used. By being transparent in your email marketing efforts, you can ensure that you are only marketing to an audience that actually wants your messages.

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