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Strategies for Growing Your Blog - Infintech Designs Sep 22, 2015

3 Strategies for Growing Your Blog

As you develop your blog, you may be wondering exactly what you need to do in order to achieve the level of growth that you are looking for. Growing a blog takes time. Depending on your budget and the resources that you have available it can take anywhere from one year to several years to obtain the success that you are looking for. Here are three strategies that you can use to grow your blog.

  1. Starting a New Blog

If you are just getting started with your blog, your growth strategy will look very different than a blog that is well-established and already has readers. For a new blog, you will need to start by developing content marketing and social media marketing plans that will serve as the blueprints for achieving the growth that you want. As a part of the new plan for your blog, you should develop personas for the people who will become regular subscribers to your blog content. Figure out what this person looks like in terms of:

  • age;
  • interests;
  • professional background;

and other relevant factors. A successful blog is typically built for a certain type of person. If you want your blog to grow, you need to figure out who this person is before you start.

Next, you should spend time working on the design of your blog. Work with a website designer to design a blog that utilizes responsive design and reflects the look of your brand.

When it comes to your content marketing and social media marketing plans for a new blog, you also need to determine where you will get traffic for your blog. You don’t want generic hits. In fact, you need traffic that is representative of the type of user that you are trying to attract. This is where the help of a professional internet marketing firm becomes extremely valuable.

  1. Growing an Established Blog

If your blog is already established because you have already taken the initial steps of creating content for your blog and setting up your social media profiles, it is now time to work on bring in more readers. As an established blog, the key to growing your blog is to reach out to influencers in your industry to get them to promote your content. You can do this by creating guest posts. You should also reach out to influencers directly to let them know about the valuable content that your blog has to offer.

  1. Reviving an Older Blog

If you have found that your users are not growing as rapidly as when you initially started, it may be a sign that your blog marketing is no longer meeting the mark. This would be a good time to hire an internet marketing firm to help you sort things out. The problems may range from:

  • outdated content or content that doesn’t appeal to users;
  • poor SEO technique;
  • technical problems;

and other concerns. Infintech Designs can offer the professional expertise that you need to grow your blog at any stage. Learn more about our content marketing service.

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