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Prepaid Sales Leads - Infintech Designs Oct 04, 2016

Why Prepaid Sales Leads Don’t Always Work

Have you purchased customer leads assuming that the sales are just a phone call away? Unfortunately, many marketers start out with prepaid sales leads only to find out that they don’t always bring in a good ROI. Here’s why prepaid sales leads don’t always work.

Not Understanding Where Customers Are

The main problem with purchasing prepaid sales leads is that by the time your sales reps get around to calling the customers, they may not be interested in your offer anymore or have already done all of the research that they need to make a buying decision on their own.

As a result, having a sales rep call to start the process all over again will likely seem out of touch and this approach is unlikely to resonate with the buyer. If you want to get results from prepaid sales leads, you need to be ready to act quickly. This means calling potential customers on the same day that you receive the leads. Your sales reps should also be willing to listen the customers to get a better idea of where they are at rather than launching into a script that may not answer to the customer’s remaining buyer objections.

Your Prospects Aren’t Ready to Buy

If your biggest problem is that your prepaid sales leads aren’t ready to buy, you need to figure out why that is. Perhaps they need more education and should be entered into an effective marketing campaign that will provide them with the content that they need to make a decision.

Another reason that the leads may not be ready to buy is that they are poor quality leads to begin with. Don’t just rely on CRM data that looks like it should work when the data is actually old or not highly targeted. Your sales results are only as good as the quality of the leads that you start out with.

Use Third-Party Data

Sometimes marketers rely on industry leads to generate leads. However, there are many third-party data sources that can bring in better quality leads for your business. Instead of paying for leads that you continuously have to check to see if they are already in your database, make use of data partners to find better quality leads.

Innovate With New Intent-based Sources for Sales Leads

It’s all too easy to buy a trade show list or a list of customers from another business in your industry. However, you also have to consider the fact that your competitors will have this same approach, as well. Instead of buying leads based on demographics, you should buy leads based on intent data.

This approach ensures that the list of leads aren’t only the customers that are likely to bombarded over and over with sales offers, they are actually people who have displayed behavioral signs that they might be buyers for your product and services.

By taking a more nuanced approach to sales lead generation, you can get better results from your efforts and avoid alienating those individuals who don’t convert. Prepaid sales leads still hold great value. However, it is up to you to figure out how to get the right leads for your business.

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