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Questions You Should Ask Your Internet Marketing Firm - Infintech Designs Mar 03, 2014

Questions You Should Ask Your Internet Marketing Firm in 2014

As in the past, it is very likely that the pace of internet marketing will continue to move rapidly in 2014. Google is expected to make a number of changes to its search engine that may profoundly affect how your website ranks in 2014. If you are concerned about these changes and you want to make sure that your business stays ahead of the curve, it is very important that you ask your internet marketing firm how they plan to take on these issues in 2014. Here are some of the top concerns that you should have addressed right away.

Is My Site Going to Be Penalized?
In 2014, it is very important that you take a hard look at the keywords and link building strategies that you have used in the past to rank your website because it is very likely that these strategies could change in their effectiveness in 2014. If you are concerned that your strategies in the past could harm your site, it is a good idea to start things off on a different foot this year and take a new approach. Consider the latest Google algorithm updates and the changes that are rumored for the future and ask your internet marketing company what it is doing to stay on top of these trends.

It is Time to Get More Involved
Previously paying an internet marketing company to do all of the work of marketing your site and not getting involved at all may have worked for your company. However as things changes marketing is really going to involve getting involved with the goals of the business rather than a blanket marketing strategy that could work for any company in your industry. Consider asking your internet marketing company how your staff can become more involved in the process. This also helps you to stay on top of what the company is doing in case things are not going in the direction that you would like them to go.

Focus on Quality Content
As evidenced by Google’s latest round of algorithm updates, search results are becoming increasingly focused on quality content. Visitors to your site really want content that speaks to them and it is simply no longer enough to create generic content. Your internet marketing company should be working with you to help your company create content that reflects the voice of your business and that truly speaks to your target audience.

Going Beyond Google
Of course Google continues to be the focus of many business’s online marketing efforts as it is the heavyweight when it comes to search. However what is your internet marketing company doing to think outside the box? There are a ton of online marketing strategies that can be just as effective as making sure that your business ranks highly in the search engines. If your internet marketing company is doing little more than basic SEO for you, then maybe it is time to go with someone else. The success of an internet marketing company should be measured in terms of taking advantage of all of the avenues available for marketing your business. If you are only getting traffic from one or two channels, then the company is probably not the best match for you.

If you have read over these ideas and you are not sure if you are getting the services that you need, then perhaps its time to get a second opinion. Infintech Designs can review your business for free and start you on a better path to staying ahead of the competition in 2014. Give us a call today

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