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Content Is Still King - Infintech Designs Feb 28, 2014

Content Is Still King

While link blasting may have gone the way of the dodo bird, content is still king in 2014. Almost every day you see someone online complaining that some internet marketing strategy is dead, however content marketing is very much alive and well. Many people are starting to discover that content is the single search engine marketing strategy tool that Google has not condemned completely. However exactly what should you be doing with regard to your content and what strategies should you avoid?

Synchronizing Content With Marketing Automation
Using content to beat the competition is increasingly about timing. In order to be effective with customers it is important to reach out to customers with content at the right time. Not only does the content need to be targeted to that customer, it also must reach the customer when the customer needs to view that type of content in order to make a decision.

This is achieved through marketing automation and is particularly effective when it comes to email marketing campaigns. There is nothing worse than receiving multiple emails to sign up or buy something after you have already done it and marketing automation can help you to avoid these bloopers with your customers.

Content marketing should not be a one size fits all operation when it comes to dealing with your customers. Different customers have different needs from your business. In addition they may also even require different sales funnels in order to convert which makes segmentation more important than ever. Splitting your customers into different groups and then creating content that is specifically aimed at that particular group is what segmentation is all about.

However in order to do this you must be ready to create content that is specifically targeted at each group and not try to simply realign existing content to target each group. The reason for this is that some customers may fall into multiple groups and you don’t want to accidentally end up displaying very simply content to that customer because the content was intended to be shown to only one group.

Utilizing These Strategies for All Content
When many people think of marketing automation and segmentation, they consider these strategies to be reserved for email marketing only. However these strategies go far beyond email marketing and should be applied to site content as well. This can be achieved by creating specific subdomains of your website for customers from a certain segment as well as creating time sensitive offers on your website.

Focusing on Conversion Rates
Content marketing is really all about conversion rates. Therefore increasing conversion rates should be the main focus of any internet marketing campaign. While using keyword optimized content may help your site to rank better in the search engines, at the end of the day the ranking of your site makes little difference if the site’s content does not convert. Therefore it is important to track the response rates to your content and optimize according for better results.

Utilizing all of these strategies together will put your business on better track to achieving more sales and sign ups. If you are curious about how to implement these strategies and the tools that are needed, Infintech Designs will be able to assist you with getting everything set up.

Are you looking to create better converting content for your business? Get in touch with Infintech Designs today and we can assist you with creating high quality content for your business that will convert to sales and sign ups.

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