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Are-You-Using-Email-Marketing-Effectively - Infintech Designs Feb 25, 2014

Are You Using Email Marketing Effectively?

It can be very difficult to measure true success with any internet marketing strategy due to the fact that customers do not necessarily follow the path that marketers set for them when it comes to conversions. However with email marketing, tracking your success rate is fairly simple to do with analytics tools and the point of conversion is the email itself making it easy to track success rates.

Given the fact that all of the tools needed to track email marketing success are there at your fingertips, are you really using email marketing as effectively as you could? If you are not utilizing all of these strategies then it is very likely that you are leaving money on the table. Consider the following strategies below.

Segmenting Your List
Splitting up an email marketing list into segments is essential if your customer base is diverse. Segmentation not only allows your customers to feel as though you are speaking directly to them and that you aren’t simply blindly emailing, but also allows you to discover new opportunities to market to your customers.

Segmentation does not need to be complicated. Simply start by placing your customers into a few groups and then track your conversion rates as you deliver segment specific content to each group. You can improve your conversion rates even more by split testing emails within each segment.

Using Marketing Automation
Sending emails at the right time is the key to increasing conversion rates. With the rates of what customers consider spam shooting through the roof, it is more important than ever that your message is on target for that customer otherwise he or she might mark it as spam.

Using marketing automation allows you to have better control over when customers receive emails so that you can stop blindly emailing them every few days and then wondering why they are not converting to your offer. Many times it isn’t because of what you wrote in the email that a customer doesn’t convert, it can simply be when they received your email. In 2014 with the plethora of tools available, there is simply no reason to continue blinding mailing customers.

Sending Email Traffic to a Landing Page
If you are not sending the traffic from your email marketing campaign to a landing page on your website, then you are missing out on conversions. Sending traffic to your home page or landing page for your blog is simply not effective and it also makes it much more difficult to track the success of your email marketing campaign because it may not be readily obvious where the conversion came from.

By sending traffic to a landing page that is specifically targeted to readers of an email in your email marketing campaign, you can see where the copy of your email has had a direct impact. In addition, you can make things easier making the URL of the landing page an obscure link so as to decrease the changes that visitors outside of your email marketing campaign will be able to access the link.

If your landing page includes the opportunity to sign up for an offer or purchase something, then it is also possible to use the landing page to split test the copy of the email that you are sending out in order to increase conversion rates.

These are just a few tips to help you to increase your conversion rates through more effective email marketing. If you would like assistance with improving your email marketing conversion rates, get in touch with Infintech Designs today and we can help.

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