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SEO in 2012 – A Review

Search engine optimization(SEO) is the basis for page rank and getting your website to show up in search engine results. Since most internet users won’t go past the first or second page, everyone wants to appear in the first 10 results. In order to accomplish this and get ahead of millions of other sites, you need to perfect your SEO skills. This is done by inbound and outbound links, quality content and selecting the right keywords. However the process has changed in the last few years due to new algorithms by Google and other search engines. Here is a review of where SEO went in 2012.

Link Building
One of the biggest differences in 2012 with SEO, as compared to the years prior, is that link building is changing. You not only need a good quantity of inbound and outbound links, but they need to be of high quality and feature more diverse links. Google is aware that websites get links coming and going from many different sources. Posting the same links over and over again doesn’t work anymore and can actually hurt you instead of help you.

Unique and Quality Content
The content you have on your site has also made a big difference in your SEO and page rank. You need to have a lot of good, well-written and unique content on your site or blog. Cookie-cutter articles and 100-word, poorly-written blog posts aren’t cutting it anymore where SEO is involved. If you want the major search engines to improve your page rank, you need to work on your content. Don’t even bother with article spinners; they won’t do you any good. You need unique content written well and the highest quality.

Limiting your Ads
If you had a lot of ads “above the fold” in 2012, you probably realized it didn’t help you much. This is because page rank is now hurt by too many above-the-fold ads being placed on your site. If you want ads to improve your page rank, they need to be high quality ads placed on other high-ranking websites or blogs.

Social Media Ranking
Having your website on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus isn’t just for branding yourself and engaging with others; it helps your page rank and SEO as well. Big search engines like Google and Bing understand that legitimate businesses use social media, therefore the more links you have on these sites, the better off you are. Shareability has become even more important.

Tips for SEO in 2013
Moving forward from the newest developments in 2012 involves working with the newest algorithms. These tips can help you improve your SEO in the coming year and improve your marketing and advertising plans.

  • Create valuable content and ignore the algorithm. It seems like many internet marketers are so focused on the newest algorithm, they aren’t making quality content. Don’t try to get around the new changes, just create better content. Keep your viewers and internet users in mind and create content specifically for them.
  • Keep Track. Nowadays, it is extremely important that you keep track of your page views and, particularly, where they’re coming from. Trends can be analyzed on Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Webmaster Tools and similar sites. Look at what sites or social media networks the majority of your page views are coming from.

SEO can be complex and require a lot of knowledge about the industry standards and how they are changing from day to day. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it all on your own. The experts at Infintech Designs keep up to date on all the latest SEO developments so that they can help you to maximize your online reach.

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