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SEO Rules to Break - Infintech Designs Jun 13, 2014

SEO Rules to Break

SEO is not a practice that is set in stone and is constantly changing. Therefore, it is only natural to consider whether there are any guidelines that can be broken when it comes to SEO. In deciding which rules to break, these rules must not present possible issues that will result in problems later on. In fact, you must consider several factors before deciding which rules to break. Here are a few suggestions to help you reevaluate your SEO strategy.

Why You Should Break the Rules
One major reason why you should consider breaking the rules every now and then is because of the fact that they can result in excellent returns on your investment. This means that while breaking the rules is often not recommended, in terms of the cost, the benefits that you will receive in terms of traffic or conversions will far outweigh any repercussions.

The reason why this is necessary in the first place is because people start a campaign and work towards following the guidelines in order to increase the return on investment. However, at a certain point the return on investment begins to decrease, however the campaign manager does not change what is being done and instead continues to follow protocol with the return on investment becoming increasing smaller. Breaking the rules then means breaking your own rules as well so that you can get things back on course.

Where You Should Start
The first place to start is to evaluate the costs of the campaign in terms of the benefits you will receive. Try to accurately put a dollar amount on the benefits by estimating how many sales you might receive from the changes. If the result is that there will be significant benefits, then it would a good idea to proceed.

Look for recommendations as to what is working. This could mean examining the practices of competitors that are outranking your company in terms of sales and search engine rankings. Then put similar methods to work for your business.

Experimentation Is Important
Make sure that as you make the changes you are preparing to experiment so that you can use the changes as an opportunity to discover which practices work best for your campaign and which don’t. By using experimentation, you may discover that you can improve your return on investment even further.

However, it is important to remember that if you violate the best practices while trying to optimize for a specific goal. It is important to make sure that you do not go ahead and make similar changes on every page of your site.

SEO Is Constantly Changing
Many people often forget that SEO is constantly changing. While some methods may work today, they may not work in one or two years and vice-versa. Therefore, there is no reason to remain committed to something just because it follows the current guidelines if it is not helping your site.

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