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Old SEO Techniques - Infintech Designs Jul 04, 2015

SEO Techniques That Are No Longer an Option

SEO has evolved dramatically from its early days. As a result, many of the best practices for SEO have been standardized and are no longer considered to be optional. If you want to make sure that your site stays in compliance with Google’s suggestions, you will need to make sure that you do not ignore the basics. Here are some SEO techniques that are no longer an option for you to implement.


Well-Written Content


The idea of well-written content has evolved over the years. These days, well-written content does not simply mean that it doesn’t have mistakes and is relevant to the reader. Well-written content must also now include a variety of engagement points for the reader. These points can include images and video. Infographics have also become a popular component to include in articles. Basically, if you want your content to perform well in the search engines, you must make sure that it is so good that people will want to share it. This means that you need to also make sure that you include social media sharing buttons on every piece of content that you create.


Responsive Design


Google’s latest Mobile Update has sealed the deal on responsive design. Responsive design is a very important SEO technique because it ensures that your website will display properly to all users regardless of the devices that they are using to access your content.


In this latest updates, many of the sizes that failed to implement responsive design saw heavy losses in ranking. The impact of responsive design on your website rankings is far greater than the impact of any on-page SEO changes that you might want to make. Therefore, if there is one SEO technique that you should implement first, updating to a responsive design website would be considered the most important technique of all.


Not Paying Attention to the Quality of Backlinks


Previously, it didn’t really matter whether your backlinks came from high quality sites or low quality ones. However, linking to low quality sites can actually get you in trouble. If you want your SEO efforts to be successful, you should focus on getting backlinks from only the best quality websites. You should also focus more on building relationships with the top influencers in your industry so that they can create links back to your website.


By creating a linkbuilding strategy that is focused on quality over quantity, you can create a sound SEO strategy that won’t be destroyed by the next Google update that will soon be on the horizon.


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