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Why-Having-Unique-Content-Is-No-Longer-Enough - Infintech Designs Jul 07, 2015

Why Having Unique Content Is No Longer Enough

When it comes to creating content that will help to boost your site’s rank in the search engines, simply having unique content is no longer enough. Google’s algorithm updates have changed how sites are ranked dramatically in the past year, and more than ever your rankings are simply not a matter of the right keywords or engaging content. Here are a few reasons why things have changed.

Google Cares More About User Experience

User experience is becoming increasingly important as a factor in ranking websites. In fact, in an update this year, Google requested that all sites across the web update to responsive websites so that mobile users also have the opportunities to experience great web content. Although the vast majority of websites on the internet are not currently responsive, many companies have updated in order to get ahead.

In addition, the layout of your site also counts. As users access your website from a multitude of devices, they need to have the features available to them in a manner that makes the site easy to use despite the limitations of the device being used to browse the web. Therefore, Google has also ranked navigation as one of the top factors in determining a rank for a website.

Visual Content Is Good for Sharing

The amount of visual content that is being shared on social media is starting to increase with visuals and images becoming some of the top shared pieces of content. If your focus has simply been on creating unique written articles, then you must upgrade your content so that it also contains relevant videos and images. These formats appeal to users that would just like a brief summary or excerpt from your content and have high shareability potential.

Google Has Changed Linking

Google has changed its opinion dramatically on what it considers to be natural linking and unnatural linking. These days, Google is really picky when it comes to determining the links that should be included as good links to a website. As a result, it is not likely that your content will outrank better, more comprehensive content on the same topic. This means that you will have to do more with your content in order to naturally attract visitors.

While earning links is helpful, building relationships with industry influencers that will actively read and share your content is likely a better strategy for getting exposure. When you reach out to other people in your industry to create links, do so with a purpose in mind that doesn’t only mention what you want. Influencers are more likely to be cooperative when you offer them something in return for sharing or blogging about your content.

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