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Keyword Research in 2015 - Infintech Designs Jul 11, 2015

Doing Keyword Research in 2015

If you have been trying to use SEO keywords to bring in more traffic to your website, you may have noticed that it has become increasingly difficult to casually rank for terms in the search engines. This is not only due to increasing competition, but is also the result of numerous changes that Google has made to its search engine algorithm in the past few years. If you are still selecting keywords and trying to rank it in the search engines on your own, here are some reasons why it is time to start doing keyword research the right way for 2015.

Group Pages By Intent

When it comes to creating new pages for your website, you should not create pages based on your keywords. Keyword optimization for your website now means grouping pages by intent. This is because users searching for similar phrases may all want to go to the same destination. Therefore, instead of creating two pages for “dog beds” and “dog pillows” you should create a single page under a keyword that matches both queries.

Going After Keywords Regardless of the Competition

With keyword research being performed likely by most, if not all, of your competitors, trying to rank for the top keywords in your industry may not be the best choice, especially if you are working with a limited budget. Nowadays, it might be a better idea to focus on less competitive keywords as a means of ranking your site and placing more of your priorities there. You can still bid on more difficult keywords. However, if you are looking for results faster, focusing on the less competitive ones can make things easier.

Value to Your Business

As you select keywords, you likely know that not every keyword is likely to bring in visitors of equal quality. Since ranking your site for your desired keywords is an ongoing expense, it might be best to focus on the keyword phrases that are most likely to bring paying customers to your website. These keywords often contain action words like ‘buy,’ ‘compare,’ ‘price.’ Think about the keywords that usually result in paying customers and focus on these if you want to get better results from your keyword research.

Free Keyword Software Doesn’t Tell You Everything

Keyword research is not easy to do, especially since many of the best insights are found from using software that is not free. The Google AdWords Tool has been proven to only show limited information about keyword searches and it takes an expert to analyze the competitiveness of a particular keyword and whether it will actually bring customers to your website.

Today, keyword research is a much more sophisticated process that relies heavily on data in order to determine which keywords are the right ones to rank for. If you need help with updating your keyword research strategy to drive better results, Infintech Designs can help. Click here to request your free SEO site review today!

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