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Social-Media-Marketing Jul 07, 2014

Social Media Strategy Changes

In the beginning social media marketing was all about how many followers you had, however things have matured in recent years and many companies are increasingly considering the number of followers as useless in measuring social media success. So what is it that actually defines social media marketing success? Actually, these days, many social media marketers now are considering quality over quantity when it comes to social media. Here are a few ways in which social media marketing has evolved.

Why Quantity Is No Longer Important
As social media marketing has changed and paid social media advertising has increasingly become a larger portion of marketing budget, many companies are dumping quantity of followers as a meaningful metric. These days, having large numbers of followers for many companies simply means that there is a large number of users that are not engaged that are simply eating up the marketing budget. In addition, a large number of followers can also mean that companies can not effectively reach those individuals that have the most potential of becoming paying customers because of the noise created by users that are simply not interested in buying right now, or never will be.

The answer to this problem has been to purge as many users that are not engaged as possible from social media accounts and instead focus on creating a great experience for those social media users that are potential customers and advocates for the brand. By eliminating the noise, companies can decrease the marketing overhead and increase sales.

Focusing More on Driving Traffic to Their Own Websites
Companies are also increasingly looking to get followers off of the social media sites and into an environment that they can better control. By directing followers to their own websites, the companies can ensure that they are truly reaching their target audience. In recent months social media sites such as Facebook have released a number of changes that is making it increasingly difficult for social media marketers to reach their target audiences without having to pay for advertising. As a result, many marketers are seeing declines in the return of investment on social media marketing.

Moving followers from the social media website back to the company’s site is a start, however companies will need to work in order to reel in those social media users that simply aren’t engaged because they don’t want to be “marketed to.”

Social media marketing is evolving rapidly as social media sites mature and begin looking into ways to generate revenue rather than simply collect users on free accounts. Therefore, marketers will need to respond by making better, more cost-effective decisions about when and how they choose to spend their marketing dollars on social media marketing for the most effective results.

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