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Facebook Home Explained - Infintech Designs Mar 04, 2013

Starting a Facebook Page from Scratch

A social media presence is becoming more and more essential for any business, and the effective use of this online platform is highly important. Facebook is an excellent tool which can be used to get your business out there, gauge your customer base and get feedback. The most successful businesses take their cue from their customers. Bear in mind that starting a Facebook page can be a hit-and-miss process unless you take the time to consider what to include and what message you are sending.

The Basics
You need to have a message that is consistent. Think about the look of your page – the use of images is important here, specifically. Also, you should make sure that you have included pertinent information about your product or service, and easy ways to contact you. The goal of the page may be promoting your business, but you also need to make it accessible and attractive. Getting ‘likes’ and being followed by users allows you to enter into the customers’ consciousness.

Refining Your Results
You need to make the most of the results that Facebook provides. Using metrics and analyzing the results of page views allows you to target your content and responses. Appropriate and well-prepared images are a great way to garner interest. The thing to bear in mind is that the value of knowing your customer base is limitless and will serve you well in the future if you make the investment today.

If  Things Don’t Work
Sometimes, you will not get the response you wanted. That happens. You need to be prepared to learn and adapt. Knowing your results is essential for this. If a particular campaign is not working, you need to look into what was not appealing. Then, the next new campaign can have added relevance and boost consumer interest. It may be worth looking into interstitial adverts on the page to coax customers to visit your page.

Information Dump
The nice thing about Facebook is that you generally know very specific information about your customers just by having them visit you. This allows you to be more targeted and you can post a more effective message. There is no point using social media if you are not going to read the information coming back to you, it is much cheaper than hiring a PR firm or running your own website.

Okay, the subject matter may be a bit dry. So try being a little funny. A touch of irreverent and playful humor can endear your business to the clients. Just don’t go too far, and bear in mind the image of your brand could be damaged by an awkward joke. Keeping people guessing is a useful tool, as well. Using teasers is an excellent way to grab attention and keep the momentum going.

Like anything in business, planning is the key. The preparation is very important – a shoddy design is very noticeable and will not bring you more customers. The best way is to know who you are targeting and how to go about meeting their expectations and occasionally surprising them. Giveaways and contests are great for maintaining interest. You also need to keep in contact all the time. Maintaining your page, and updating content often, has the dual benefit of showing your customers you are thinking of them and also getting your message out there when products or services change.

If you need help or advice with your Facebook page there is no need to stumble through it alone. Just get in touch withInfintech Designs and let professional, experienced experts help you from start to finish.

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