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Ten Mobile Internet Statistics That Should Convince You Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Website

The boom in recent years in the use of mobile devices has changed the way that people use the internet. It is estimated that there are now 1.2 billion active mobile broadband subscriptions1 worldwide. Many users use their smart phones to access the internet from wherever they are as a part of their purchasing process, with 58% of people2 now routinely researching products or services online. If your business hasn’t already got a mobile friendly website then here are ten mobile internet statistics that should convince you to start one.

1. Mobile internet users will surpass desktop users by 20143.
The amount of land wire internet connections has begun to decline in recent years, while mobile broadband subscriptions have continued to rise steadily for the past five years. Internet users are turning to their mobile devices for the information that they want on the spot when making plans or decisions.

2. 85% of mobile handsets can now access the internet1.
As mobile phone technology has developed and mobile services have improved with the introduction of 4G technology, accessing the internet from phones has become a familiar part of daily life.

3. 27% of the world’s 4 billion mobile phones are smart phones4.
Smart phones are quickly penetrating the mobile market and the projections of smart phone sales indicate that Android and iPhone sales aren’t going to go into decline anytime soon.

4. 60% of smart phone use is devoted to activities other than talking on the phone or reading messages4.
Our mobile phones have become more than just telecommunication devices and it is now common for most smart phone users to use their phones for a variety of tasks, with 50% using them to do searches or for access to maps4.

5. More consumers worldwide use the browser on their smart phone than their apps1.
Although there is great value to be had from producing an app for your business, more mobile internet users are going to find your products or services via the traditional route of the search engines.

6. Half of all local searches are from mobile devices4.
For small businesses that rely on local trade it is vital that your internet customers can see you, and with half of all local searches coming from mobile devices, if your website isn’t mobile friendly it is invisible to 50% of your potential customers.

7. 90% of smart phone searches by consumers result in them taking action on what they have found5.
Mobile internet users aren’t just surfing, they are specifically looking for something that they want or need.

8. 88% of local mobile searchers take action within a day5.
Not only are mobile internet searches specifically looking for something that the consumers want, they are occurring when the consumers want the products, making mobile search one of the most direct avenues that exists for converting internet traffic into sales.

9. There will be $119 billion spent by mobile shoppers in the US by 20155.
Revenue from mobile shoppers has continued to increase steadily over the past five years and is becoming a familiar way for consumers to find the goods that they are looking for.

10. 70% of companies have yet to launch a mobile website6.
Even with all of these compelling statistics, most businesses haven’t yet optimized their websites for mobile customers. This oversight can’t last forever, and taking advantage of it could put your business on the mobile map well ahead of your competitors.

Having a mobile friendly website has become an essential part of internet marketing for all businesses now, and if your site isn’t mobile accessible, half of your customers may be passing you by. Talk to about optimizing your website for mobile devices and start taking advantage of the mobile web right away.




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