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The-Importance-of-Content-in-Your-Small-Business-Growth - Infintech Designs Dec 21, 2012

The Importance of Content in Your Small Business Growth

Content marketing has been hailed as ‘King’ of online marketing by many. According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, 90% of businesses participate in some form of content marketing. This trend became hot in 2011 and continues to grow in popularity. The reason? It’s simple – Content marketing works.

Generally speaking, content marketing encompasses a wide range of methods for sharing and distributing valuable tidbits that can help somebody with a specific challenge or bring more awareness about new issues. With more platforms available for marketers to distribute the content they produce, such as YouTube, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, and many others, it has never been easier for small businesses to share this valuable information with people online. When your small business creates something of value for your prospective customer, you position your company for success in the marketplace.

As content marketing continues to grow in popularity, there are a few major reasons why this approach cannot be ignored – particularly for small businesses that want to make a name for themselves in the market. Here are some of the benefits your small business will see when you participate in this hot marketing trend not set to go away anytime soon.

  • Drive more traffic to your website – When you have something to offer, people are more likely to pay attention. By writing articles, blog posts, posting videos, creating infographics, or participating in the many other types of content production, people will be naturally more inclined to visit your website and learn more about the brand that just gave them helpful bits of information.
  • Create brand awareness – As you distribute your content throughout the internet, more people will see your name and get to know your brand. Later, when your prospect or the person who consumed your content is discussing what you talked about in your content, they will reference your brand, helping you to reach an even larger market.
  • Improve customer loyalty – The more content you produce, the more your customers will turn to you for help with their needs. This does not have to be specific to the product you offer, but it can also include other events and concerns in your industry. The more content you post that helps your customer with a wide range of ways, the more loyal they will become to your brand because they will see that help and appreciate your extra effort.
  • Establish yourself as an industry leader – When you think of soda companies, specific brands come into your mind as industry leaders. When you create content specific to your industry, you quickly become the go-to resource and considered ahead of the curve. As a small business, your content can help position you as a leader in your industry, making you stand apart from your competition.
  • Connect on a personal level through video – People like doing business with people. By posting videos of your office, staff and the people working behind the scenes, you can create a deeper connection with your customers making it easier for them to feel comfortable buying from you, a person, instead of just another brand.

Over time, as more people get to know your company and become loyal to you because of the value you offer, you will undoubtedly see a boost in your sales. This is because people will get to know your company as the preferred brand for information and help with specific topics. For help getting started, contact us here at Infintech Designs. We can give you the guidance you need to perform content marketing correctly and strategically, so helping you make a bigger splash in the market.

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