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Ways Small Businesses Can Build Stronger-Online Presence - Infintech Designs Dec 20, 2012

Seven Ways Small Businesses Can Build a Stronger Online Presence

For small businesses, the internet has opened up a new door to marketing, and one that many have fully embraced. Instead of the traditional approach that had a tendency to drain marketing budgets faster than sales came in, small businesses have realized that internet marketing now delivers a far more cost effective way of reaching people both locally and on a national level.

To make use of this powerful approach, having a recognizable online brand is crucial. With a strong presence on the internet, your small business has the opportunity to attract more qualified leads to your website. This in turn has been shown to ultimately drive more revenues just by making it easier to find your small business online. Here are seven ways to give your online efforts a boost to strengthen your marketing efforts on the internet.

  1. Optimize your website for search engines – First and foremost, you want to get found online by the people that are already searching for what you deliver. To do this, you must optimize your website to show search engines that your product or service is relevant to their searchers. This involves a complex use of keywords and more.
  1. Participate in social media – Customers have a new expectation that the businesses they work with will be available for interaction on social media. By using this forum, you can engage with current and potential customers and encourage brand loyalty.
  1. Blog regularly – Keeping a regular blog on your website helps to update it frequently with the keywords which will help your SEO efforts. It is also a great way to attract visitors who are ready to consume the content you produce. By making updates to your blog as a matter of course, you can attract people to your website by offering something of value and establishing your expertise in your field.
  1. Write quality content for other websites – Your content should not stay only on your website. Instead, reach out to other websites and offer to write high quality content for their reader base as well. This will help establish your brand as an industry expert and get in front of new prospective customers.
  1. Earn backlinks from other websites – Through posting content on other websites, you can naturally earn backlinks to your website. These backlinks will also help with your SEO strategy, as the more links you have to your website from high quality sites, the more the search engines learn that your small business website has something of value to offer.
  1. Use Pay-Per-Click advertising – Pay per click advertising is a cost effective way of driving highly qualified traffic to your small business website. To do this, your small business can create unique pages for specific keywords making it easier to speak directly to the person arriving on your site and having a better chance of converting them to a paying customer. This makes your paid advertising efforts far more valuable than the traditional shotgun approach.
  1. Design a website that will make people interested – Web design is one of the most important aspects of online marketing, and one that many small businesses tend to push aside. If you have drawn people over to your website by taking all of the above advice and the design of your website does not match the quality of the product you offer, your small business will quickly lose prospects.

While you know you need a stronger web presence, doing all of these things may seem overwhelming. Contact us here at Infintech Designs for assistance with your online marketing needs and we can help you look better online and in turn, drive more revenue.

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