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Google Analytics - Infintech Designs Dec 19, 2012

Five Reasons You Should Learn to Love Google Analytics

Do you know who is visiting your site? How about where they come from and what they do once they are there? Analytics provided by Google Analytics can give your small business valuable insight into what’s happening on your web pages. This insight can tell you where your small business is most effective and where your web pages could use some revamping. Without Google Analytics, you are left to simply guess and assume what is working and what isn’t. But having hard evidence that shows what’s going on in your business can help boost conversions and drive more sales.

Google Analytics makes it easy to get set up and get started. Here are five of the top metrics small businesses love to use to monitor their website progress and learn more about what’s working for them.

Keywords that Bring Traffic to Your Site – With Google analytics, you can find out the single keywords that are delivering traffic to your website as well as the long tail keywords. These keywords can give insight into what is working for your company. In many cases, knowing these keywords may surprise you and can even have an impact on how you approach your search engine marketing. Knowing the keywords can also help you to know what to use when advertising if you plan to use pay per click advertising to help drive traffic.

Social Media Sites that Drive Traffic – Social media is difficult to analyze in terms of return on investment, but with Google Analytics, this becomes easier. Google Analytics has a tool that breaks down traffic from social media sites so you can see the results of your efforts on popular networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This will also help show what type of content is triggering a response from your fans and followers so that you can produce more of what works.

Filter out Your Own Traffic – Sure, you love your website, but your goal of using Google Analytics is to know what your customers think of your website and what drives them to engage with you. Google Analytics has an option of filtering out your own traffic, as well as the traffic of your employees and friends. This is a bit complex to set-up but with a little help, you can get a far better understanding of what your actual customers are doing on your site.

Find Out What Turns People Away – Do you lose a lot of people on page 2 of your registration? Try limiting registration to a single page and see if more people are inclined to click the sign up button. Or, try changing the wording on the sign up button and perform a test to see which one is most effective. Seeing what turns people away from your website and where you are losing the most amounts of conversions can help you redesign in a way that will boost your sales.

Create Visual Goals for Your Website – Sure you want to get to a certain number of visitors, but how are you doing in terms of growth? It may be hard to see when you analyze statistics day in and day out, but with Google Analytics, you can set goals and time frames to reach those goals and use them to monitor your website progress.

When you are set up with Google Analytics, you will be hit with a wealth of valuable information. Take a few weeks to consume this information and determine what changes you want to start testing for efficacy of your website. Contact usfor help getting started with this powerful tool or to make changes to your website.

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