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Ways You Can Earn More Links to Your Website - Infintech Designs Dec 18, 2012

Seven Ways You Can Earn More Links to Your Website

Search engine optimization is still one of the most important marketing tactics used by small businesses. By ranking high in search engine results, your business website is more likely to be seen by warm leads and people looking for the service or goods you provide. To do this, Google must view your website as a relevant one for their customer, the searcher.

One of the most used ways that Google determines website relevancy still is backlinks. In the past, these links have been able to be purchased and put on low quality websites. Google became wise to this trend and now punishes websites that purchase links. Instead, small businesses today are faced with the task of earning their links on other websites.

To help get you started and give a quick boost to your SEO efforts, here are a few tips on how your small business can earn links online.

Write guest blog posts – Guest blog posts are easy ways to not only gain backlinks to your website but also to get free publicity in front of an established reader base. When you write guest blog posts, you earn your backlinks through quality content that can also set you apart as an industry leader and bring you higher search engine results and new customers.

Go Where Your Competition Is – There are a number of free backlink checking tools available online. Check out where your competition is linked from and try to get links in those same places. This can be done on directories, forums, or other websites online.

Comments on ‘Do Follow’ Blogs – Some blogs offer something called a ‘do follow’ backlink when you comment on their posts. While backlinks may look the same to the end reader, ‘do follow’ backlinks look different in the HTML. Most blogs will tell you if they are set up to follow your comments so that you can get a backlink just by responding to an informative blog post.

Be Active in Forums – Forums are a great place for your business to flex its muscles as an industry expert and respond to certain issues or debates. These are also great places to get backlinks. When you post in a forum, you can put a backlink in your signature and just by making a comment, your website will be linked from one popular, highly ranked page back to yours.

Deliver Testimonials for Business Partners – Do you work with a business partner who you love? Why not show them some love and earn a backlink at the same time. When you write a testimonial for another company’s website, most websites will let you add a link back to your page. This earns you a valid and quality link while doing some good for your business relationships.

Participate in Social Media – Social media is another great way to earn backlinks to your website. When you create a profile on popular social media accounts, you can link back to your website. Likewise, when you add links to your content from social media, you can also create backlinks that are shareable spreading the links around the internet with ease.

Offer Up a Link Exchange – You are not the only small business looking for an easy way to earn quality links. Offering up a link exchange with another small business can prove helpful for you both.

If you need help giving your SEO strategy a boost, contact us today. We know how to get you quality backlinks as well as build your image online making your website more effective, which can drive more revenue for your company.

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