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They-Came-to-Your-Website-Now-What - Infintech Designs Dec 23, 2012

They Came to Your Website, Now What?

You invest a lot in your online marketing efforts with time and energy poured into making people want to type in your domain, click on a link and ultimately land on your website. But what happens once they arrive? How do you engage with these visitors you fought so hard for once they are finally on your website?

Web site design is an art form that is constantly being updated and transformed. This is difficult for many small business owners and oftentimes leads to a struggle. How do you know what to do? How do you design a website that will yield high conversion rates? Internet users have become fairly savvy over the years about what they look for in a website and therefore, having a website that is uniquely but familiar is a challenge faced by businesses of all sizes. With more people engaging with friends and companies alike on social media, website visitors have come to expect that same or similar engagement from the pages they browse through as well.

As you get started working out your website design, here are a few tips that can help you create a more engaging website that will keep the attention of website visitors and give your viewers what they are looking for.

  1. Give your visitors something to subscribe to – One of the easiest ways to hook someone on your small business website is to give them something to subscribe to. This can include an e-mail newsletter, a blog feed, or a video channel on YouTube. People like feeling they’re a part of a group, especially with the rise of social media networks, so having an easy way to get someone to subscribe somehow to your business can help you generate warm leads and keep your visitors engaged with your brand.
  1. Do something fun for the visitor – People love entering contests and being a part of the sweepstakes. This sends a little burst of excitement as a person fills out the entry form hoping that they will win that next pair of boots, or trip to the Caribbean. To give your visitor something fun and exciting, offer a free entry into a contest. This is another easy way to generate warm leads that are more likely to yield conversions down the road.
  1. Let your visitor spout off about something – People also like having a say in products, services or just about anything. Give your visitor an easy way to express themselves and they will want to engage with your brand. This can be as simple as a survey question or as complex as an open ended question and response area. Blogs are also a great way to encourage engagement and get people to want to discuss opinions on your brand in the comments section.
  1. Make your call to action noticeable – Do you want your customer to try a free demo? Make it stand out on the page so that they have no choice but to see this request. Many website owners unfamiliar with design make buttons and calls to action below the fold of the page so they are never seen by the visitor. Instead, put these in a unique color and higher up on the page so that your website visitor knows exactly what next steps you want them to take.

When you have a website visitor, you have a warm lead or someone who is already somewhat interested in what you are selling. Don’t lose this lead by having a poorly designed website. Contact theInfintech Designs team for help with your website design needs. We will work with you to help you understand how you can make your web pages more fun and exciting.

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