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Tips-for-Promoting-Your-Content - Infintech Designs Jun 13, 2015

Tips for Promoting Your Content

Content promotion is an essential part of your online marketing strategy that you should never overlook. While writing content can help your site noticed on a small scale, promoting your content is what gives it the opportunity to go viral. If you are trying to figure out or improve your content promotion strategy, here are some tips for promoting your content that can help improve your results.

Use Social Media

Using social media is an important strategy for content promotion. Many people use social media to discover new content from various sources. In addition, these same individuals will often review your website at least once when they follow you on social media if they are highly engaged with the content that you create.

Google has also recently announced that it will begin providing content from Twitter in its mobile search engine results. Therefore, the amount of visibility that social media can provide in terms of boosting your content is virtually limitless. If you don’t promote your content as a part of your current social media strategy, you should start right away.

Add a Visual Element

Visual content, including images and videos, is quickly becoming the most shared type of content on the web. If you want to increase the likelihood of your content being shared, you should try to avoid creating text-only content. Incorporate videos and images that drive home the major points of the content. After you promote the content itself, you can also consider promoting the images and videos as stand-alone pieces of content to attract readers back to the source.

Reach Out to Influencers

If you are trying to promote blog content, you should make sure that you reach out to influencers in your industry each time that you publish a new piece of content. By reaching out to influencers, you will have another important figure provide credibility to what you write by providing you with feedback and also sharing the content with their own followers. In every industry, there are influencers with a significant web presence. It is essential that you determine who these individuals are so that you can form relationships with them.

Press Releases

Press releases are still very effective for increasing awareness about your brand. If you want to publish new press releases for your business, make sure that you send them to media outlets. Sites that can promote your press releases to the media and authority blogs can mean instant, high-quality traffic to your website. In addition, you won’t have to work to figure out the best websites for promoting your content because these sites have already done the hard part for you. If your current online marketing strategy does not include press releases, then this is something that you should consider adding to your strategy.

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