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Use Hashtags for Social Media Marketing - Infintech Designs Jun 16, 2015

How to Use Hashtags for Social Media Marketing

On social media sites hashtags are used for various things. Some use hashtags to keep track of a conversion about current topics, a live event or to categorize tweets. If you want to get better results from your social media marketing efforts, hashtags should be an important part of this strategy. Here is how to use hashtags for social media marketing.

Select a Relevant Hashtag

In order to make your hashtag marketing efforts successful, you must choose a hashtag that is related to the goal of your campaign. The hashtag might incorporate a keyword phrase or is an abbreviated version of your name event or cause. Make sure that the hashtag is not the name of your business. Selecting a hashtag that is the name of your business might produce backlash if your marketing campaign does not go well.

If you are trying to make a choice between several different hashtags, you should go for a hashtag that might already receive some updates on a regular basis. This demonstrates that the hashtag is easy to remember and won’t be forgotten by users. In addition, you might already have an audience thanks to the efforts that have already been made by others the promote the hashtag.

However, if you adopt this strategy you should check the hashtag carefully to make sure that you are not competing directly with someone in your industry for the same traffic. This will make your marketing efforts more difficult and could lead to a rivalry that could confuse followers rather than successful marketing that helps you to connect better with your own followers.

Post Regular Updates

If you will use a hashtag for marketing purpose, you should post regular updates. If you only need to use a hashtag for a short period of time, you should make your followers aware in advance of when you plan to post updates to the hashtag. By making a commitment to the hashtag, your followers will know that the hashtag is focused on promoting your brand. Then you should always make sure that the content that you post is highly relevant to your audience in order to keep your followers engaged.

Track Feedback

You will need to track your hashtag at all times in order to ensure that your strategy is working. You can track your hashtags by setting up alerts via Google. Many social media marketing platforms also have tools that will allow you to track updates for a specific hashtag. Typically, this is done by searching the social media website for search results that include the hashtag.

By tracking the use of the hashtag, you can ensure that the message that you want to provide is being heard. If your followers have not adopted the hashtag for the reasons that you would prefer them to, perhaps it is time to rethink your social media marketing strategy to drive better results.

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