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Top 4 2011 Trends in Graphic Design: What a New Orleans Graphic Design Company Should Offer?

Since graphic design changes to suit the public’s ever changing demand for a more effective means of visual communication, it is also always evolving. Experienced New Orleans graphic design firms believe that following the demise of the more complicated applications like Flash and IE 6 is the rise of user-friendly yet extremely expensive technologies like the Samsung Galaxy Tablet and the iPads.

The following is a list of the design trends for this year, 2011.

  1. It’s back to simple yet powerful design ideas –  Last year was filled with heavy details, dark colors, and heavy websites because of the use (and abuse) of Flash. This year, however, the most prevalent aspect of the New Orleans graphic design is simplicity. Otherwise called as the principle of minimalism, simplicity of design does not necessarily mean omitting information; rather, it calls for the wise diagramming and the love for white spaces. For instance, if you would have to create a brochure design, you will have to choose your information carefully so as not to come up with a visually straining design. The other advantage to this technique is that it does not crowd the audience with too much information. There’s enough room for thought and possibly, a more efficient call for action.
  2. Big fonts are OK – Since the introduction of affiliate marketing, several websites are competing to grab your attention. The result of such competition is the abuse of 60pt titles. This year many New Orleans graphic design experts say that big fonts should be used sparingly. This is because audience these days has associated big fonts with promotional and non-informative messages. So if you had to use big fonts on your ecommerce design, combine it with one to two other font sizes and types.
  3. Create designs with mobiles in mind – One of the rising advances in Internet marketing is marketing at a mobile level. This means that the designer will have to work with smaller resolution and a 960 grid. Many New Orleans graphic design experts welcomed 2011 with a reduction in spaces between characters in the page in order to make the resulting site viewable in a mobile device. And knowing the size of mobile screens, it is best to create designs that have complementing text and background colors. If you were to make a design, imagine how it would look if you were actually printing it out.
  4. Start experimenting with backgrounds  Earlier designers seem to have this fear for textured backgrounds because they may counter the readability of the texts. This year, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and begin experimenting with backgrounds. The web 2.0 may have dictated plain and glossy backgrounds but the best designers are now showing creatively noisy website backgrounds with clean typefaces.

2011 is a great year for subtle yet powerful changes in graphic design. For many New Orleans graphic design experts,  the evolution of both web and print design, like business card design, does not end this year. More changes for the better are to be expected soon.

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