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Top-5-Ways-Your-Business-Can-Get-More-Facebook-Likes - Infintech Designs Dec 08, 2012

Top 5 Ways Your Business Can Get More Facebook Likes

What’s in a Facebook ‘Like’? Opportunity. Businesses of all sizes have made it their marketing strategy to get more likes as a way to help their business grow. Not only can having more Facebook fans increase your business’s image to prospective customers, but it can also give you a new forum to generate buzz and create excitement around your product or service.

Once the Facebook page has been created and designed, it’s time to start bringing in your fans. Here are five of the best ways to start generating the ‘Likes’ you want and need to thrive on Facebook.

Ask for the ‘Like’ on Your Website – There’s no better place to start than your own website. People who visit your web page already have an interest in what you are selling. When you install a Facebook widget, or a way to ‘Like’ your Facebook page right from your website, you make it simple and easy for people to press the button and become your fan. In addition, by having the button visible you trigger a response that will encourage more people to give you a ‘Like’.

Add the Link to Your Facebook Page in Your Email Signature – Another place to ask for the ‘Like’ is in your e-mail. The people you are writing to are most likely loyal to your brand on some level. This can be in any type of e-mail, whether in your personal e-mails to investors or public newsletters to anyone who has ever given you their e-mail address as a way to stay informed about your company. Asking for the ‘Like’ by placing a link to your Facebook page in your signature is an easy way to encourage more people to go to your business Facebook page.

Offer a Prize for Reaching a Certain Milestone – Many businesses are offering giveaways to one lucky fan once they reach a certain goal. This goal is typically a certain amount of ‘Likes’, but it can also be a certain amount of products sold or anything you think your customers will get excited about contributing to. When they see that you are reaching for a specific milestone, your customers will be more likely to share your goals and encourage their network of friends to perform the action that will help you reach where you want to be.

Hold a Contest – Very little attracts people more than the words giveaway or free. People love to win a prize, no matter what size it is, and to enter they will be happy to ‘Like’ your page. To help generate even more ‘Likes’ through a contest, you can install an app that requires your fans to share their entry to be eligible to win. This will help spread the word about your Facebook page to their network of friends and encourage even more ‘Likes’ from their similarly minded friends.

Make People Actually Like You – One of the easiest ways to get the ‘Like’ is to actually be likable. Your Facebook page is public and when people enjoy what you are posting and are interested in what you have to say next, you can naturally encourage people to like you just as they would any other friend. This is perhaps the best way to gain more attention on Facebook.

As you develop your Facebook page and marketing strategy, consider these tips to help get the fan base you want. Spread the word in as many places as possible and give valuable or entertaining content away. For more help, contact the team atInfintech for professional tips and advice on how to work this powerful social network to your advantage.

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