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Tips for Business Blogging Success - Infintech Designs Dec 07, 2012

10 Tips for Business Blogging Success

Sure, you’ve heard your business needs a blog, but where do you start? Blogging can be tough. From coming up with ideas on what to write about to actually do the writing, you may feel overwhelmed and uncertain of where to start and what to say. Business blogging is no easy task, but the benefits far outweigh the initial struggles of getting your business blog off the ground.

To help, we’ve come up with 10 tips to get you started.

Show Your Expertise – People want to work with businesses that are leaders in their industry and know their solution inside and out. Your blog is the perfect forum to demonstrate this expertise. Blog about not only what’s happening within your company but also within your industry so that you can stand out as an expert in your field.

Provide Something of Value – A blog is an excellent way to bring in new leads but this cannot be accomplished unless the content you provide has something of value to the reader. Focusing on the value that your blog offers will help you to generate content that is more likely to be found, consumed and shared.

Commit the Time to Your Blog – Blogging takes time and to blog effectively requires a commitment from everyone within your company. Set up a schedule and commit your brand – and the staff – to fulfilling your new editorial responsibility with posts.

Build Loyalty Through Respect – You cannot force people to read your business blog. Nor can you buy readership on your website. Instead, you must establish brand and blog loyalty by creating content that people respect in terms of quality, value and interest.

Network with Other Blogs – To help your blog get found online, network with other bloggers. These can be blogs within your niche, blogs that target your market and more. By offering to write guest posts or networking with other bloggers on social media or in person, you can create a strong relationship with others who already have an established presence and reader base. This will help you get found and read by more people.

Encourage and Respond to Comments – As a company, your blog should be a place where you encourage people to interact with your brand on a different level. By encouraging people to comment and then responding quickly to comments made, you show your customers you care and create more loyalty around your brand and reader base over time.

Be a Problem Solver – As much as you want to provide valuable content that is entertaining and interesting, you also want to be the first place your customers go when they have a problem. By solving problems publicly on your blog you can make it easier for people to get their questions answered quickly.

Be Passionate – Passion resonates through text. You love what you do, so show your readers how passionate you are about providing an exceptional product or service. This will help stir their excitement.

Conduct Interviews – Interviewing people outside of your company can be an easy way to gain publicity using a big name and provide something unique on your blog. If you meet someone influential at a networking event, ask for a short interview then write about it on your blog.

Have Various People from Your Company contributed – Hearing from one person over and over again is boring. Instead, show the personality behind your team by having a variety of people in your office blog.

Blogging does not have to be difficult but it can be overwhelming to start. Let the expert staff here at Infintech Designs help you create a blog that will help you meet your goals.

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