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Things Your Business Post on Facebook - Infintech Designs Dec 06, 2012

5 Things Your Business should be Posting on Facebook

Social media has quickly become one of the most popular platforms for businesses to reach new and existing customers, generate leads and promote word of mouth marketing. By creating a presence on a social media network, such as Facebook, that customers are already using to mingle with friends, family and the brands they love, small businesses have the opportunity to reach people in a whole new way. A way that has proven to be effective for more than just a handful of companies.

Still, knowing how to engage and interact with people online is hard. For many small businesses in particular that are new to the social media and the Facebook marketing realm, one of the biggest challenges is understanding what and how to post something that will spark interest and cause people to want to share the company with their network of friends. To help, here are five things your small business should be posting on Facebook.

Special offers for your Facebook fans – According to a recent study done by Buddy Media, Facebook posts from businesses with coupons and offers for money off an order had the highest amount of engagement. To win people over, offering something of tangible value to the customer gives your Facebook fans a reason to ‘Like’ your brand even more. When a person redeems an offer that they are happy with, they are more likely to share this offer with their network of friends as well, making it one of the most powerful posts a business can publish. The offer does not have to be extravagant. Even something less than $10 off your product or service can be effective.

Photos of the Product in Use – People like a good story, and a photo says a thousand words. Whether you offer a nutrition bar and show it in a backpack on a mountain, or jewellery and you show it on somebody having a good time, your photos are giving your fans an easy way to imagine how they will use what you have to offer. To get even more engagement out of photos, hold a caption contest and give away a prize for the best comment.

Current Job Offers – Are you hiring? Who better to turn to than people who are already passionate about the service you provide. Even if your fans are not in the market for a new job, they will still be intrigued when they see that your business is growing and you are looking for some fresh new faces. Job offer posts are also easy to share and encourage engagement.

Videos of Your Product in Use – Videos are quickly increasing in popularity across the web. On Facebook, videos are a perfect way to put some personality behind your brand. By posting videos on your timeline or using an app to have a variety of timeless videos of your product in use, your Facebook fans can instantly bond with your company on a more personal level instead of simply having a love for your product. Make your videos fun and they will also be more likely to be shared.

Ask Some Questions – Social media is a platform for people to express their thoughts and opinions about almost anything. When you ask your fans a question, you automatically initiate a response in their mind. Many fans love to post their thoughts and opinions on brand pages to have their say.

Facebook is one of the best places to engage with your customers and drum up new leads. If you want more help knowing how to market on Facebook, our expert team here at Infintech can guide you in the right direction.

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