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Tips for Finding Best Keywords for Your Website - Infintech Designs Dec 05, 2012

3 Tips for Finding the Best Keywords for Your Business Website

You have undoubtedly heard by now that your page is found on search engines using specific keywords. The keywords you have within your website, those linked to your website, and present in a number of other places, help search engines to match your website up with an appropriate searcher looking for what you provide. So how do you find the best keywords for your business website?

Guessing is not an option when it comes to determining something as important as keywords. Instead, one of the first places small business owners and marketing managers start their search is by using a free tool, such as that provided by Google AdWords. This tool allows you to plug in a broad keyword, and one that you would find most obvious to match your site. The results you get are wide and can be overwhelming.

Sorting through the hundreds of keywords provided by Google for your website can seem overwhelming at first, but there are certain tricks you can use to pick out the best ones. Here are three.

Remove any keywords that are too broad or not applicable to your business. When you use a free tool to find a variety of keywords for your business, you are likely to come up with a handful of irrelevant keywords or ones that you know do not fit what you provide well enough to focus on or invest in. These may be keywords that you feel are too specific to only one part of your overall product or service, or ones that may not be quite what your business offers. By weeding these keywords out first, you can already limit the number that you have to focus on and sort through.

Prioritize the keywords based on the product or service your business provides. The goal of using keywords on your website is to drive traffic and ultimately, drive sales. With this goal in mind, it is important to prioritize which keywords are likely to draw in more visitors and give your sales revenues the boost you are looking for. This requires thought and time to figure out. While you cannot be expected to be psychic and know exactly what each keyword will attract, you can prioritize keywords in a way that you believe, based on past sales, will bring in the best revenues. You can also determine which keywords will be most beneficial to your business based on how many searches are done for the keyword and how competitive it is with other websites. Using each of these factors, you can prioritize which keywords will be strongest for your brand.

Create a mix of long tail and short tail keywords. Finally, as you finish out prioritizing your list of keywords based on revenue potential, traffic and competition with other websites, you will want to focus on creating a healthy mix of both long tail keywords and short tail keywords. People who use search engines today are smart and while many use short tail keywords, you want to be found by the people who are looking for something very specific that you provide as well. When you create a mix of long and short tail keywords, you have a better chance of being found by both broad searchers and those people who are looking specifically for a business like yours.

Finding the right keywords for your business website is not easy. In fact, most marketers spend hours, if not days, researching the best keywords. In the end, testing is the best method to find out which keywords will yield the best results and get you the type of traffic you want. Contact the team here at Infintech Designs for help with your keyword research and PPC campaigns in New Orleans.

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