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Top Challenges in Content Marketing And How To Solve Them

Content marketing is one of the biggest factors that affect a business’ growth, and many companies use a large part of their budget towards success in this area.

And to become successful in content marketing, you must generate high-quality content.

High-quality content is influential and engaging, and it can attract your target audience to consume what you say and what you sell.

However, it isn’t easy to consistently generate high-quality content because of the most common challenges of content marketing that can set you back.

Content Problems and Challenges of Content Creators

Content marketing is a dynamic and progressive industry. You can expect that there will be constant changes in trends that can affect online businesses.

And to avoid getting swayed by the changes, we will help you win against some of these content creation challenges:

Providing Expertise

Establishing expert-level content requires building a team that understands how content marketing works.

They must have to be knowledgeable on the niche you are in and must have the skills that content marketing demands: SEO, researching, and writing.

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Most successful online brands understand how it can be difficult to raise or create an in-house team of content marketers. Because of this, they get the help of third-party agencies.

Having a trusted content consulting team that handles content strategy well will prevent you from wasting money on an ineffective team that can’t deliver results.

You can rely on these agencies because they are constantly up-to-date with the latest trends in content marketing, and have multiple experts under their employ.

Patience is Key

Rarely do you find new content that becomes a hit overnight? In fact, some articles may spend a long time after publishing before people and search engines notice them.

Most authority and popular websites needed to create hundreds of articles and attract a thousand daily visitors first before they were able to reach page one of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Thinking Man

Setting expectations is key here. You have to understand that content marketing takes time.

Having the right people will help reduce the time you need to build an audience and a library of high-quality content.

However, it doesn’t change the fact that you will need to be patient before you reap the rewards of your campaign.

Creating Effective Content

There are no one-size-fits all when it comes to high-quality content, but there are ways to make sure that your content stays effective:

  1. Focus on a single key message: Always have a backbone that is the purpose and message of your entire post.
  2. Do your research: The more you know your topic, the more value it brings to your readers. If you want to be seen as a leader in the field, provide data, evidence, and credibility.
  3. Stick to your voice/brand: Businesses always have to consider their brand and how they convey their message. Your voice and message should always line in with your company’s personality. Make sure that the tone of your writing aligns with that voice.
  4. Optimization: There is always a way to make your work easier to read. Bulleted lists, short sentences, and short paragraphs are some of them. You should also always keep in mind the best SEO practices when writing.

Why Is My SEO Not Working?

Even investing in content and SEO can be frustrating when you don’t see traffic increasing. There are no sales and no leads.

You may be overlooking the fact that these content marketing problems are interconnected to the web presence challenges you are facing.

Factors that Google Checks When it Comes to Content

Generic or Unrelated Content

Targeting specific keywords when your content doesn’t have anything related to it will only make Google rank you lower.

The search engine uses machine learning to help identify content that is high-value.

If the content is generic, copied, or not related, then it ranks lower.
Duplicate Content

Search engines get confused when they find that the same content is located on different links within the same website.

The same is said for the same content posted on different websites.

Make sure that you have not posted duplicates or else the value of all the similar links will go down.

Keyword Placement

Your target keywords need strategic placing to gain recognition from the search engine.

It is important to have keywords in the following areas:

  •  H1/Title Tag
  •  Primary Content
  •  Alt text of images

Keyword Ranking

Your keyword rank on Google is the position your page is at when a user searches for that keyword.

Being in the top 10 means that you are part of the first page of a search. There are many sites that help check your ranking for a keyword.

Climbing up the ranks depends on what keyword you are competing for. High search volume keywords will have a lot of competitors.

Here’s how to do keyword research without a hitch.

You can find related keywords that don’t have the same volume which will make it easier to climb. It is also important that the keyword you are targeting is relevant to your site.

One way to improve rankings is to check the top 10 URLs and sites.
You’ll get a better idea of how they do their content and what type of businesses they are.

You do this so that you know how to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Improve Your Content Marketing with Infintech Designs

There are a lot of challenges of content marketing and solutions don’t happen within a day.

Building great content and helping your site rank higher will take a lot of time. You will need to adjust and be diligent with improving.

If taking matters into your hands doesn’t do you any favors, our team at Infintech Designs can help.

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