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Tweets-Now-Show-Up-In-Mobile-Search-Results - Infintech Designs Jun 02, 2015

Tweets Now Show Up In Mobile Search Results

Twitter announced on May 19, 2015 that the company will now offer Twitter content in Google search results. This feature has only be rolled out for U.S. users that perform searches in English via mobile phones. Twitter has also announced that the desktop web version of this feature will also be unveiled shortly.

How will this new feature impact your SEO techniques?

Social media has always been important as a part of your online marketing strategy. Social media can help drive your message to a targeted audience and deliver the content that they prefer as you track their engagement levels. Therefore, as you prepare Tweets to send, you should make sure that you are optimizing your Tweets for the search engines. Include relevant hashtags where appropriate. You should also try to create Tweets that are high quality so that they can stand out without having to be put in context.

Use Twitter for Event Updates

With this new integration feature, this makes Twitter an even better location to publicize upcoming events. By including event hashtags, you can ensure that the guests of your event receive the latest information about your event even if they aren’t on Twitter.

What About Older Tweets?

Since the new feature is just rolling out now, the expected impact of the Twitter results that show up in mobile searches is not yet known. However, it can’t hurt to look through your timeline to determine which Tweets are the ones that received the most reTweets, responses and favorites. By optimizing your strategy for engagement, you improve the changes that Google search users will find your Tweets to be relevant to their online searchers.

Increase Your Twitter Use

Some businesses develop social media strategies that are focused on just a few social media websites. If you are not including Twitter in your social media marketing strategy, then you are missing out on potential followers of your brand. Consider how you can increase your Twitter use, even if it means only engaging with users from time to time.

You can also use Twitter to find people who might be interested in your products or services by writing Tweets that incorporate the same or similar keywords to your top keywords for traffic to your website.

Make Sure to Track Your Efforts

As you change your social media marketing strategy to adapt to these new changes from Twitter and Google, make sure to track your results. By tracking your social media marketing efforts, you can determine which Tweets are driving traffic to your website. As a result, you will able to create content that is better suited to your website visitors and Twitter followers, which are likely many of the same people.

If you need assistance with improving your social media marketing techniques, we can help. Visit to request a complete review of your online marketing strategy today.

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