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What-Site-Owners-Need-to-Know-about-SEO - Infintech Designs Feb 21, 2013

What Site Owners Need to Know about SEO

While a good portion of those who own or run websites understand that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, they may not be familiar with all of the elements that it entails. In user-friendly terms, SEO is the process of improving a website’s visibility and popularity online. It is imperative to consider SEO in everything from building the website to the content added to it. It requires activities such as regular updates onsite and offsite, and elsewhere on the web.

Web Building Stage
One of the most critical elements of SEO is that which is applied during the building stage of your website. In the web building stage of SEO, a few critical elements deserve full consideration and should only be carried out with the assistance of an SEO specialist.

  • Domain Selection – The name of your site will affect your SEO forever, or until you rebrand; a painful process for any business.
  • Hosting Services – Make sure the hosting service you choose fits all of your needs now and will have scalable options for you as your business grows. It may be tempting to start out with the cheapest option, but it is rarely the best decision for a growing business.
  • Niche SelectionYour products or services will inevitably fall into one of thousands of online niches. It is critical to have a knowledgeable person help you with this selection. While you may be quick to apply your offerings to a specific niche, an expert might see a method for applying your site to a less competitive one to the benefit of your bottom line.
  • Meta Keywords – As with niche selection, choosing the five main keywords to represent your site may seem obvious, but an expert in the field of SEO can help you highlight the lesser known and least competitive elements of your offerings and get you ahead of similar businesses in the same niche.

Onsite SEO
Your onsite SEO should be considered an ongoing task. Part of keeping your website at the top of search engine results pages, or SERPS, is keeping the content onsite fresh and continuously building. In order to achieve this, most business and website owners have a blog or forum that lets them post anything from industry news to reviews to toot their own horns.

SEO Tips for Great Content
Keeping great content flowing on your website is a matter of a keeping a few key guidelines in place for each and every update.

Articles of Ideal Length
Although there can be many variations on how many words are ideal for a blog or an article, approximately 500 to 600 words are suitable as an all-round go-to number for content update word counts.

Attractive & Optimized Posts
Make sure there are no ‘walls of text’ by breaking word count up with relevant images, media files such as slide shares or videos, as well as headers, sub headers, bullet points, and questions or polls. Make sure any images or media included also apply SEO by naming them relative to your business or website.

Update Appropriately
If your site is brand new and you are a new-on-the-scene web business owner, you likely will not need seven updates per week. Taking advice from your SEO specialist on this – how often and even what time of day you should schedule your post and sharing – can really save you a lot of capital best spent elsewhere in your marketing plans.

In general, to protect your investment and have the best SEO possible, it is always wise to consult specialist such as Infintech Designs who has years of experience and innovative ideas to help your site outshine the competition. Get your free consultation today.

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