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Why-Online-Marketing-Should-Be-Your-Top-Priority - Infintech Designs Mar 24, 2015

Why Online Marketing Should Be Your Top Priority

When it comes to online marketing, may small businesses fail to put the focus that is needed in order to gain success. These days using offline marketing methods such as billboards and direct mailers are simply not enough. Online marketing must be incorporated into the company’s marketing plan as a major portion of the marketing budget. Here are a few reasons why as a small business online marketing should be a top priority.


Online Marketing Can Reach Customers in Real Time


A major difference between online marketing and offline marketing, is that customers can be reached in real-time. While offline methods such as direct mail and billboards can still attract customers, the difference is that companies have the ability to study customers in real-time as they engage with the advertising messages. With real time data, small businesses have the ability to discover winning marketing campaigns faster that will decrease the costs of acquiring and converting customers.


The best ways to obtain real time data from online marketing, are to use the promotional features offered by social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition, website and event analytics tools can provide insight on campaigns that involve multi-channel marketing touchpoints.




When it comes to marketing, companies simply can’t skip out on online marketing because of the benefits that are provided by SEO. Optimizing site content for the search engines is an effective way to drive traffic. In addition, over time, the optimization of the site can help with increased visibility for the company by helping the company to rank for organic search terms.


Although many small businesses don’t want to rely on SEO to drive business, the truth is that ignoring SEO can hurt a company’s bottom line. Ensuring that SEO is a significant component of the company’s online marketing strategy is a recipe for success.


Relationship Building


While in-person marketing methods might still be the best way for companies to gain industry contacts, online marketing provides invaluable methods of reaching out to industry professionals that simply can not be overlooked. Social media websites can enable companies to keep the contacts that they make engaged until another opportunity to strengthen the strategic relationship between these contacts and the company can occur.


Relationship building is very important for small businesses where reputation matters the most. Relationship building can help to provide the social proof that customers need online when making decisions about purchases. By ignoring this important component, businesses can lose out on sales to competitors.


If you need help in order to develop your business’s online marketing strategy, Infintech Designs from New Orleans can help. Drop by at the site to request a comprehensive review of your online marketing strategy today!

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