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Improve Social Media Marketing Results - Infintech Designs Mar 21, 2015

How to Improve Social Media Marketing Results

If you are currently doing social media marketing and you are wondering how to improve the results of your campaign, there are several methods that you can utilize. Not all social media marketing campaigns will be successful. However, by following these tips you can do more to improve the odds in your favor.


Pick a Goal to Focus on


If you want specific results from your social media campaign, you need to pick a goal to focus on. Whether you want your followers to download your app, sign up for your email list or increase the number of visits to your site, you need to decide exactly what the goal is. By selecting a goal you will be able to select the locations that all of your users will visit if they click on your links. In this way you can control what keywords should be used for your campaign as well as the call to action messages that will be required.


Use More Images


Studies have shown that image posts get high response rates on social media. This is because images help your posts stand out from the other out there. You can get better returns from your campaign y using the images to share some of your experiences as a business or by posting high quality information via an image, such as with an infographic.


If you don’t have enough images to share, creating a promotion that will allow your customers to submit images can help to boost your campaign. By showing happy customers that have successfully done business with your company, you will be providing social media proof that your business is legitimate. This social proof will definitely help to attract more followers.


Experiment With Ad Variations


If you want to be able to determine what are the best ways for attracting followers to your social media marketing campaigns, it is important to experiment. Come up with several versions of your posts and ads and test all of them to see which versions deliver the best results. You may find that some versions simply far exceed the results of other versions. Once you have a model for success, you can then continue to duplicate those high return posts or ads for maximum ROI.


Social media marketing is not an exact science. Therefore, it may take you a bit of time to figure out exactly what works and what does not. The important points are to be as real as possible and to test often. Over time, you should find out exactly what works and what does not by using social media analytics tools and monitoring your campaign closely.


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