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Why-Responsive-Design-Is-Important-for-New-Businesses - Infintech Designs Apr 21, 2015

Why Responsive Design Is Important for New Businesses

If you are just starting a business, having a responsive design website is essential to helping customers see that your company is new and different. In addition people are also increasingly using different devices to access the internet. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider a responsive design site.


Shopping online can be difficult on some e-commerce sites. If you want to simplify things for your customers, you should invest in a responsive design site so that your site is easy to navigate. Attracting audiences with web design┬átakes more than just code– you need a responsive site that is intended to be used on any device and is not just limited to desktop computers like traditional websites.

Large Sites

If you are planning to develop a large site that will have a community, having responsive design is essential if you want to ensure that your mobile audience sticks around. A large website loads much faster with responsive design. In addition, you can also expect that your users will appreciate the fact that the site has larger buttons and easy to use menus that make it easier to enjoy your website.

SEO Benefits

Having a responsive design site is recommended by Google and can help your site to rank higher in the search engines. With higher rankings, you can expect that your site will bring in more traffic. An SEO expert can help you to optimize your responsive design website so that you get the maximum benefits and highest rankings.

Responsive design websites are also helpful for getting more shares on social media sites since there is a high number of users that utilize these websites with mobile devices. In addition, you can also expect that your bounce rate will decrease as you pay more attention to the quality of the user experience that your site delivers.

Local Business

For a new customer that is dealing with local customers, such as a restaurant or clothing store, a responsive design website that is optimized for local customers can help to bring in a lot more business. When customer search for local results, they are typically doing it via a mobile device. By having a responsive website, you can ensure that your website will be there to service local search users that are looking for fast solutions to their problems.

Having a responsive design website is more important in some industries than it is in others as far as keeping customers happy. However, if you want to ensure that your site will rank well with Google, responsive design is extremely important. Also if you plan to develop your business as one of the top companies in the industry, it is essential that you use your website to demonstrate that your business is on top of technology.

If you are considering a responsive design website, you can receive web design recommendations from Infintech Designs – New Orleans. We can help you decide which is the best option for your new business.

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