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Month: November 2010

What’s Wrong with Bargain Basement Logos?

It's never been easier, or cheaper, to get a new logo for your company... if you aren't very picky, that is. Not only are office-supply chains offering ready-made logos as part of their stationery printing, but there are any number of places you can go online and find overseas firms ready to give your business a new look and feel for less than you'd spend on dinner and movie. Since everybody

Numbers, Figures, and Online Marketing Results: What You Really Need to Know

If your business has been on the Internet for more than a week or so, then you are probably already familiar – and maybe too familiar – with the obsession online marketers have with numbers and statistics. There's a good reason for this: the metrics of internet marketing can be incredibly helpful, especially in helping you figure out where new business is coming from, and where it could be.

Do You Need Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing, or Search Engine Optimization?

If it seems like it's getting harder to keep up with your internet marketing plan lately, it's not just you. Besides the traditional avenues of pay per click advertising, online ads, and search engine optimization, social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are giving business owners and other marketers even more to do. So a question we hear a lot is: which one(s) of these does my

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