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Month: March 2012

Using Web 2.0 Sites to Establish Your Brand

It is vital to a successful online marketing strategy to have a company website. This is the foundation of your brand’s online profile and the place where all of the links will lead your customers. In order to maximize the value of your company’s website it needs to be noticed and its design should be optimized by using the right keywords for your niche and creating valuable content to

Taking Full Advantage of Your Google Places Listing

Google Places is a free business listing that is usually generated automatically by Google for any company for which it has a listed location. Even though these listings already exist and very little effort is required to take full advantage of them there are still 50 million, or about 90% of Google Places listings that haven’t been claimed. With Google Places attracting 3 billion views every

Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media marketing is more complicated than just making a few Facebook or Twitter posts and hoping that your customers will see them. Web 2.0 social networks include a broad range of different web formats, from blogs and forums to social bookmarking sites, as well as social networks and 2.0 information sites. Marketing your business in these social media can expose your business to a huge

Corporate Blogging to Engage Your Clients

Business websites have grown more complex in recent years and one feature that has become standard is the company blog. Internet users are more comfortable with making connections and forming relationships online now, and smart businesses have been taking advantage of that opportunity to connect more personally with their customers. A company’s blog can be a useful tool to communicate changes

Using Infographics to Clearly Communicate Your Company’s Message

The days when a company website could be a static page that simply catalogued its available products and services are long gone. The key to generating online traffic to your business is to provide valuable content that is entertaining while also informative to your audience. While a lot of sales copy is about the features of products and the benefits that come from using them, it is also often

The Importance of Timing for Facebook Posts

Using Facebook to market your business can be a cost-effective way to reach a huge audience, but as with other mass media advertising, choosing a schedule for your marketing efforts is vital to getting the best returns on your investment. There are a couple of factors to consider when deciding how and when to use Facebook to market your business: what time of day is best to make your posts, and

How to Leverage Facebook Edge Rank Rating for Longevity in the News Feed

Social media is currently being touted as the marketplace of the world, and the allure of the captive audience and the low cost of promoting a business there has businesses everywhere hawking their wares on these sites. Facebook currently has the lion’s share of social network users and so a lot of businesses focus their social media marketing on their Facebook brand page. Getting a good return

Quality Content Becomes More Influential than Keyword Density for SEO

Google makes several hundred changes to its algorithms for calculating the ranking of the pages it displays in its Search Enquiry Results Pages (SERP) every year. Most of these are small adjustments that most users won’t even notice. Occasionally though, they do make changes that will affect the page rankings in dramatic ways. Recently they have focused on areas that they hope will improve the

Top SEO Strategies to Promote Your Business

For the past few years, we have seen the rise of social media sites and how these sites have attracted worldwide audience. Today, reaching out to your target consumers has never been easier. Studies show that sites such as Facebook has over 500 million users aged 13 and above. With that, approximately 700 billion minutes are spent on Facebook every month, thus you can be assured that there is a

Importance of Communication in Pay Per Click Client Ties

Reaching out to clients is always important in any business, but it is even more essential to online enterprises, including those involved in pay-per-click advertising. Search Engine Watch columnist John Lee writes that having a solid communication plan is key to establishing a strong relationship with pay per click clients. PPC Client Reporting Most providers of or managers in PPC advertising

Graphic Design in New Orleans: Creating Attractive Graphic Designs

While the traditional tools used in graphic design are not yet obsolete, there are new emerging tools that are not only making graphic creation easier but more effective as well. These new tools are constantly changing the education and training of hopeful graphic designers too. Their constant evolution leaves both the expert and the novice constantly learning to keep pace with the trends. Some

Boosting Sales with Expert Web Designers

Over the past few years, the use of the internet has proven to be very powerful when it comes to improving a business’ sales and income. It is a great marketing opportunity, but only if you have the right website and the proper marketing principles in place. That being said, the most cost efficient way to build the right site for you is to hire a web design agency. The main benefit of doing

Flash or JQuery – Know What You Want from a Web Development Firm

One of the most appealing aspects of the internet is the interactivity between the user and the website. There is a sense of control, a personal touch, which basically allows the user to learn more about a particular product, service, or company as compared to watching television, listening to the radio, or reading a newspaper. A website reacts to what the user does. And this is all thanks to two

Search Engine Marketing Firm – A Long Term Investment

Having a website is a great way to improve your business. It gives you a lot more visibility and direct contact with your customers, clients, and possible leads. However, it is only useful when people get to see or find your website. If you don’t get good traffic, then there’s no point. And the best way to be found on the internet is through search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. But,

Web Design New Orleans – Going Mobile with your Business

Time and time again, the internet has proven itself to be a viable business asset. More and more companies are now advertising on the internet by creating a website and promoting their business online. They are even able to make sales on the internet as well by converting their website traffic to clients. If you are in New Orleans, no one understands how to do this better than the best web design

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