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3 Steps to Creating a Mobile Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

Between 2009 and 2012, there was a 31% increase in mobile cell phone users who were accessing the mobile internet, according to Pew Internet. In the same study, they determined that 55% of cell phone users goes online and 17% of them do the majority of their web surfing with their cell phones. This should be enough to convince you just how important mobile marketing is. If you haven’t gotten the results you were looking for, the following steps will help you improve your small business mobile marketing strategy.

Step 1: Mobile-Friendly Website
The first step to your mobile marketing strategy is making sure your website is mobile friendly. With over half of cell phone users accessing websites through their cell phone, this is absolutely necessary. If you can, try to access your website with different phones and operating systems, such as the iPhone and Android. Compuware conducted a study on mobile internet usage and found that 57% of users who ended up on a bad mobile website wouldn’t recommend the business to a friend for this reason alone. If you want to spread the word, your website must work on all operating systems used by cell phone users. Don’t forget to consider data usage and optimize your site to work well with low data plans.

Step 2: Relevant Mobile Apps
The next thing you should incorporate in your mobile marketing strategy is creating a mobile app relevant to your business or the services you provide. Apps are often favored by users due to their low use of data and easy accessibility. The app should be well designed, but doesn’t need to be complex. For example, if you run an interior design firm, you can create a simple app that lets cell phone users view different paint color patterns for different home décor. It is an app your type of customers would find useful and can lead to them using your interior design services.

Step 3: Interact with Customers
Lastly, you should be doing more than advertising to your customers and cell phone users. You should also be interacting with them. Companies that build relationships with their customers tend to see more business. You can do this through social media networks, discount sites like Groupon, and by offering special promotions to anyone accessing your site or app with their mobile phones. Try to let customers know that your business and its online presence is mobile friendly.

Mobile marketing is a new and exciting area of online marketing. Discuss your website and marketing strategies with Infintech Design’s experts to see how you could benefit.


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