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Top-Mobile-Marketing-Trends-Expected-in-2013 - Infintech Designs Feb 06, 2013

Top Mobile Marketing Trends Expected in 2013

2012 was a big year for smartphones and mobile marketing in general. There was a significant increase in mobile internet users. This increase was expected, and it certainly looks like the trend will continue going into 2013. We think mobile marketing and advertising is going to be even more important in 2013 and have identified four major trends that will shape the landscape.

Mobile Commerce Will Rise
In 2013, using mobile phones for browsing the web and making purchases through mobile websites and mobile apps will continue to rise. However you should be aware that while more people will be using their mobile phones for making purchases and ordering services, they won’t be making huge numbers of mobile payments for things such for bills. Mobile payments are still lower than online payments. All in all, Internet Retailer’s Mobile 400 Guide expects twice as many commerce sales in 2013.

Increase in HTML5 Websites
There won’t be as many new mobile apps being developed, but HTML5 websites are going to increase. HTML5 mobile websites are more complex versions of mobile websites that allow you to deliver content more efficiently to users’ mobile phones. This could be a real change for a number of businesses that currently rely on apps. However, we still see apps as serving a vital role in the specific service provision.

Coupons and Perks
Businesses who want to increase their business potential through mobile marketing should jump on the coupon bandwagon. In 2012, offering special discounts and group coupons through mobile phones gained popularity very quickly and the trend will stretch into 2013. According to Juniper Research, there will be a 30% increase in coupon apps in 2013. We think this may even be an understatement.

More Mobile Everything
Just about everything in relation to mobile phones and mobile marketing is planning to increase in 2013. The last two years were big for mobile phones, especially with so many users having Smartphones and all the features they include. You should expect more people using their phones for browsing the web, making mobile purchases, clicking on mobile ads, and utilizing more mobile apps.

Web design and marketing for mobile users can be a complex area to understand. Infintech Designs has an experienced and expert team of designers, marketers, and other professionals who can help you to take advantage of the growth opportunities that mobile use offers.


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