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Boost Credibility in Your Online Store - Infintech Designs Feb 02, 2013

3 Ways to Boost Credibility in Your Online Store

Whether you have a business that is local or a more global company, it can often be a good idea to have an online shop selling your products. Many people nowadays actually prefer shopping online, even if they have a local store or branch nearby. In fact, a recent study conducted by Fortune found that out of 500 online shoppers, 73% of them do at least half of their shopping online. You need to find an effective mobile marketing for any business whether you’re selling your products or endorsing your expertise online.

However, despite the commonplace use of the internet, there is still a risk of scams. This means you need to make sure your online site shows how trustworthy you are and how secure you keep customer information in order to entice shoppers to visit your online store and make a purchase.

One of the best ways to make your shop appear credible and trustworthy is by showing the extra security measures you have taken to protect your customers’ information. This includes offering secure payment processing, which will be proven by the padlock symbol in your web browser. This shows that the website uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for each purchase made. On the transaction page, the http in the website address should have an ‘S’ at the end to show it is secure. You can also get Verisign to further prove how secure the payments are. 

List your Prices Clearly
Showing details of your prices, shipping prices, and refund policies is the next important step to take in your online shop. Studies have shown that approximately 95.5% of customers are more willing to make a purchase if the shipping and product prices are clearly listed on your website. Further details that increase trust and credibility include information on your shipping policies are and if you accept returns or exchanges. 

Customer Feedback
Prospective customers also want to know what your previous purchase history is like and whether or not your customers are pleased with their orders. Post your reviews, feedback, and testimonials on your website for new visitors to read through. They should be honest reviews and include feedback from customers who have purchased your products and are pleased with your service. This is going to encourage purchases from new visitors and show they can trust your site. While clearly malicious reviews should not be posted, a few that are mentioned issues show a degree of honesty – just make sure you explain how you solved the problems.

Online marketing is a fast-growing field. Infintech Designs can discuss your e-commerce and marketing needs to provide individual solutions.


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