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Ways to Use Remarketing for Better Results Oct 11, 2016

3 Ways to Use Remarketing for Better Results

If you use remarketing, it’s all too easy to consider your remarketing audience as an afterthought. After all, those visitors weren’t interested in your offer the first time, right? If your goal is to use remarketing effectively, you need to apply some techniques to target those visitors who might actually convert. Here are 3 ways to use remarketing for better results.

How to Get Users to Return to Your Website

Getting users back to your website is likely the main reason why you are using remarketing in the first place. If you are not currently doing any remarketing, this is why you should consider adding this technique to your paid advertising efforts. This is one of the best ways to make use of the traffic that you have already paid for.

If your website has low traffic, you might be able to use a general remarketing audience that is simply targeted to All Users or All Users (exclude converters). However, if you have a site that gets a lot of traffic, you’ll need to narrow down your audience so that you don’t exceed your remarketing budget.

One easy way to segment the remarketing audiences is by the pages that they have visited. Let’s say that your website has three basic pages: Contact Us, Landing Page, and Blog Post Page. A user who visited your Contact Us page is probably much closer to converting than a person who has visited the Blog Post Page. You can also opt for an essential web design service to have more advantage in terms of page views or visits.

The Contact Us visitor likely wants to know about pricing and customization options while the Blog Post Page follower might just be looking for general information about your industry. As a result, these users need to be treated very differently because they are not in the same stages of the decision-making process.

Instead of making the mistake that many newbies to remarketing make, you should try sending users to a landing page that has been specifically designed for their needs. Try to identify the reasons that they might have not converted on the first visit to your site and make sure that your landing page addresses these concerns in the content.

For example, if the Landing Page visitors are looking for more information about how your business works rather than a sales pitch with a CTA, you might want to offer a video for them to watch or a white paper that they can download. Make sure that your new landing page captures their contact information if you think that it will require a series of interactions and possibly a sales call before they convert.

Offer Upsell Options to Customers Who Recently Made a Purchase

Even if you already converted the user to a sale, that doesn’t mean that the first sale is all that the user is willing to spend. Your best opportunity to earn more from your customers is by using remarketing to upsell to customers who recently made purchases. Some ideas for how to use this remarketing technique include:

●Offering an accessory or related product to a customer
●Offering an upgrade of a subscription service

Since the customer will likely have forgotten about the purchase if a lot of time passes, this is generally a technique that you should use on recent visitors only. The timeframe for follow up with remarketing will depend on the nature of your product or service.

It can be difficult to show customers what your business has to offer especially if these visitors don’t take the time to view multiple pages of your website. When you dedicate time and energy to creating informative and educational content for your website, you should make sure that your efforts actually pay off by using remarketing to direct users to content that you think will be more helpful than the pages that they recently viewed on your website. Again, it is best to choose the pages that you direct users to based on their past activities on your website. Don’t make the mistake of sending All Users to the same page.

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