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5 Free SEO Tips for Better Rankings

So what is the secret behind SEO? Even though, the search engines have never revealed all their secrets behind how they rank Websites, they have revealed just enough information to reveal specific and proven indicators. Over the years, people have tested and ranked Websites, then backtracked and discovered what they did to get high rankings. So unfortunately, I cannot reveal all the secrets behind SEO or search engine optimization but I can tell you what has been proven to work through vigorous testing.

In this article, I will be giving you the inside scoop about how to get high search engine rankings. If you are nowhere to be found in the top five results for any of your keywords, then pay particular attention to what is revealed in this article!

Tip One – Optimize Your Content

One of the easiest (but essential) SEO tasks is to optimize the content on your Website. This is very quick to do but is also something that definitely cannot be neglected. To optimize your content you will need to include your targeted keyword in the title tag, meta descriptions, meta keywords, image file names (and alt-text), in the first and last paragraph of your content and in the URL. You should make these changes to all the content on your Website so that it’s highly relevant and optimized for the search engines.

Tip Two – The More Content The Better

The search engines look favorably on “fat” sites or sites that contain a lot of content. If you take a look at the big authority sites on the Internet, they all contain hundreds, even thousands of pages of content. Now, you don’t have to go out and create thousands of pages of content but the more content you have on your Website, the higher it will generally rank.

Tip Three – Regular Updates

The search engines love regularly updated Web pages. During the initial launch of a Website, it’s recommended to update your content on a daily basis for 1 – 2 weeks. This will show the search engines that your site is growing, resulting in greater spider activity (bots visiting your site to crawl and index content). If you have an older Website, try to update the content on a weekly basis.

Tip Four – Build High Quality One Way Links

The key to achieving high rankings with SEO is to build high quality one way links to the pages on your Website that you want to rank. Make sure you rotate the anchor text to appear natural and don’t make the newbie mistake of only linking back to the homepage. All pages on your Website should receive links. This will help with indexing and getting multiple pages ranked for multiple keywords.

Tip Five – Use Social Media

Social signals are a ranking metric that the search engines are paying attention to more than ever. Add social media widgets to your Website so people can share it through their social networks. Start off by adding the following widgets, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. These widgets can be found on the respective social media Websites, with instructions on how to add them. When you add these widgets and people start sharing your content, you will be satisfying the search engines and their need to see social interaction and sharing. The end result is higher rankings.

Now that you have these five secrets at your virtual fingertips, it’s time to start applying what you’ve learned so that you can take advantage of the power that is contained in the practice known as SEO. See you at the top!

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