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Importance of SEO

The importance of search engine optimization (SEO) just cannot be underestimated. Every single website owner knows that the difference to their website having thousands of visitors to sitting in obscurity in Google pages with no visitors has everything to do with how high the website is ranked and how important it is in terms of the search engines.

The benefits far outweigh the work that goes into it, as once you do it right and do it consistently, you will be in a much better position than most website owners out there. To reap the benefits of search engine optimization, it all starts with your website and how well you set it up. There are a lot of guides out there that teach you how it is done. The basics however will never change, your website needs to tell the search engines what it is about.

This means that your title has to have your keywords in it, your content needs to have your keywords in it, your tags for the content that you write also need to have the keywords and your website description needs to convey what the website is about.

There are a lot of websites out there, and some are being created as I write this, so competition is stiff.  If your website is set up properly for the search engines, and there is no confusion about the keywords that you are targeting, then you will have won half the battle.

Once the website is setup properly, then you will need to focus on getting links that are pointing back to your website. With the panda update last year and many people who lost rankings for their websites, a lot of people got into a panic and were unsure about what to do when their rankings plummeted.

What is clear is that the search engines love good content that gets updated. This is where WordPress becomes a good advantage, because there are so many plugins that can help you with the search engine optimization that you do. Also, adding content is extremely easy, so just about anyone can be able to do it. If you can continue to add valuable content that is relevant to your keywords and continue to build links that are relevant and are from good sources, the search engines will reward you for it.

One thing to keep in mind is that SEO is time consuming, it will start the second you decide on a topic for your website and it will be an issue for as long as your website exists. It can never be a once off exercise, and the results can take time for you to see. There are no shortcuts to doing SEO, otherwise you may run the risk of getting your website flagged or banned.

What can help you is having a schedule on a weekly basis, where you know that you will be adding content and you will be building links. The key is to be consistent,so that you keep the search engines happy knowing that there is always fresh content on your website so that they can send visitors your way.

The success of your website relies on good SEO and the traffic that you get as a result of it can make the difference to you making a lot of money online or making nothing at all. Good search engine optimization is a must for anyone online who is looking for long term success.

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