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Achieve High Rankings with Link Building

Link Building – 3 Essential Tips For High Rankings

Are you embarrassed to check your website rankings in search engines such as Google? If you are, then you may be relieved to know that you are not alone.  Getting high search engine rankings is something that many website owners and online marketers struggle with. If you don’t know by now, link building is one factor that is heavily favored by the search engines. In fact, getting as many links pointing towards your Website is the key to getting those elusive top rankings for multiple keywords.

In this article, I will giving you three solid tips to help improve your link building. After you read this, you won’t need to continue pulling your hair out and making pleas to the search engine gods for help. Instead, get stuck into these tips so you can start influencing your rankings with powerful link building strategies.

Tip One – One Way Links Are Essential
There are many linking schemes that come about every few years. The most popular and well-know techniques include one-way links, reciprocal links, three-way links, and link wheels. Now, at one point in time, all of these link methods worked and worked well. But things change!

The best type of link, which has stood the test of time and continues to be highly valued are one-way links. If you are not familiar with this type of link, it’s one where you get a Website to link directly to your Website. You don’t reciprocate the link by linking back. This is the most powerful type of link and the recommended strategy to use.

Tip Two – Vary Your Anchor Text
Getting the correct keyword that you want to rank for in the HTML anchor text is vitally important for helping the search engines understand the relevance of the link pointing to your Website. For instance, if you wanted to rank for a keyword such as “dog training”, then it’s important to have this keyword as the anchor text for the link back to your Website.

It’s also essential to vary your anchor text so that it appears natural. If all the links pointing back to your Website say “dog training”, this can be a sign that you are trying to manipulate your rankings. The idea with any link building campaign is to fly under the radar, so always vary your anchor text with related keywords. This has also has the benefit of helping to rank the page for a variety of keyword phrases!

Tip Three – Get A Links From A Variety Of Different Sources
As I stated above, it’s important to stay under the radar when you are building links. Another way to stay safe is to get links from a wide variety of different sources. If all you did was get links from one source, not only would this look unnatural but at some point in the future the search engines might devalue that link source and then all the links you built would become worthless. In 2007, Web 2.0 links use to be powerful but later on these links got devalued, the same happened with article directories in 2011.

I recommend mixing up your links from the following sources, social media links, Web 2.0, article directories, blog network submissions, blog comments, guest blogging, forum posts, profile links, rss links, and video directory links.

Put these three powerful link building tips into action today and watch the powerful effect they can have on your rankings. Remember, search engines can take time to find and credit any links you build so expect movement anywhere from a few days to a few months. The key is to stay consistent with your link building campaign and in time you will be rewarded for your patient efforts.

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