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Social Media Marketing Mistakes Nov 07, 2015

5 Mistakes That Can Damage Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

In just the past year, many people and businesses have run into trouble on social media for various reasons. The consequences that can result from a social media campaign mistake can be vast and can impact the bottom line of your business if not handled properly. Here are five social media marketing mistakes that can cause damage to your campaign.

Posting Material That Is Offensive

It is generally not advisable to post things on social media sites that others are likely to find offensive. Most people seem to be aware that content that discriminates against various groups of people or is just generally inappropriate for all age groups will not be tolerated by most on social media. If the content is inflammatory, it is best left off social media.

Inappropriate Posts From Employees

Most employees are aware that their personal social media usage should be considered as separate from business use. However, with the same devices being used for both business and personal use, many are making mistakes on social media and getting themselves and their employers into trouble. Having internal controls in place to verify social media content before it is sent out can greatly improve the chances that you won’t risk your brand on social media.

Taking Shortcuts

It may seem reasonable to take shortcuts when it comes to working on your social media campaign by outsourcing or automating many of the tasks. However, when you place control over your social media accounts in the hands of others, you risk losing any benefits that you have gained whenever Google updates the search algorithms. Sometimes, the outsourcing tools or individuals that you hire could be the source of the problem. Therefore, choose wisely when you attempt to take shortcuts on your social media policies.

Not Understanding Trends

Many businesses have made the mistake of seeing a trend and assuming that it can be used for the purposes of marketing their businesses. However, not all trends are good ones. In order to use a hashtag, your brand must understand how the use of the hashtag might impact your business whether it is good or bad.

Not Having an Established Social Media Policy

It is also important to establish a social media policy for your company to have guidelines on the appropriate response following such an incident. The company may also need to create rules for separating personal social media use from business use for employees. Don’t forget to work with your legal team as you draw up the best practices for your organization.

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