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Content Marketing Mistakes - Infintech Designs Nov 14, 2015

Are You Making These Content Marketing Mistakes?

Have you been doing content marketing all wrong? Do you know a lot about content marketing, but there are just a few things that you are unsure about? If these thoughts run through your mind, at least on occasion, you need to consider how much you really understand about content marketing. To help, we have put together a list of the top content marketing mistakes. Here are some things that you should watch out for in your own content strategy.

Too Many Product Pitches

As you write content for your blog, you don’t have to continuously focus on the same topics. Instead, you can talk about things that are related to your industry but not necessarily to your products. The goal of successful content marketing is to appeal to all of the potential buyer’s interests. If the sole purpose of the content is to pitch your product, then your readers will likely avoid your content after a while because they’ll notice it too.

Publishing Without Review

While it is important to make your content available as soon as possible, it is not recommended that you publish your content without first reviewing what you are about to publish. In addition to grammatical errors, you also want to watch out for issues with sources, quotes and other content that has been added into your article. Make sure that any videos, images or other multimedia content are properly embedded into the content as well.

Forgetting About Distribution

Many bloggers believe that they can rely on it and forget its methods when it comes to posting new content. Distribution is extremely important for making sure that your message discovered in the search engines. You will need to make sure that you have the appropriate content marketing tools available to make this a successful possibility.

Ignoring Team Members

The number one mistake that small businesses make when it comes to content marketing is forgetting about the rest of the team. The president or CEO of the company may be interested in writing for your site. However, your customers also want to know what others that work for you think of your business. Employee perspectives are important and may provide some insight where management can not. You should make sure that you incorporate your employees into the content creation and distribution process.

You Stop Publishing

One of the main reasons for failed content marketing is because it is either inconsistent or it stops. Remember that you are promising your customers that you will produce high-quality content on a regular basis which is why you have content resources in the first place. You can make sure that you have enough content by planning your content creation on a schedule.

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