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Selecting Profitable Keywords - Infintech Designs Nov 17, 2015

How to Select Profitable Keywords for Your SEO Campaign

Selecting the right keywords to target for your SEO campaign is one of the most difficult tasks that is involved in the process of setting up an SEO campaign. When a campaign begins, there may or may not be enough data to determine which keywords are best. As a result, the SEO campaign manager will then be responsible for selecting the keywords for the campaign.

How can you be sure that you are selecting the right keywords? Although keyword research can sometimes be a bit of an art, there are specific techniques that are involved in setting up an SEO campaign that is designed for a positive ROI. Here are some tips that you can use to make sure that you are selecting profitable keywords for your SEO campaign.

How to Start Your Research

Keyword selection starts with research. If you want to pick all of the profitable keywords that are related to your niche, you have to think outside keyword tools. Start by looking on websites related to your niche and see what kinds of keywords pop up in forum discussions, blog posts and other content that has been tagged with keywords. These are how you figure out some initial suggestions. Once you have made a decision, you will want to think of keyword variations that might be related to your niche such as buy, deal, price, shipping. If you are creating content that will discuss the product, you may also be interested in content that includes words like best, review or top 10.

Reviewing Keyword Competition

Measuring your competition is the surest way to determine if you will have an opportunity to rank the keywords that you want for your blog. As a result, there are a number of tools that are designed to help you check your opportunities. Start by looking at the backlinks to the page that contains the keywords. You will find that pages that are competitive tend to have more links. For on-page SEO, consider the quality of the pages by looking at the meta titles, meta descriptions, page content and internal link anchors. Domain age is also important when it comes to measuring the competition.

Selecting Keywords Based on Your SEO Campaign Goals

If you are still unsure about the best ways to select profitable keywords, hiring an SEO professional is probably the best solution for your needs. A professional service will be able to determine how many keywords you can effectively rank for given your budget. In addition, the professional may also suggest that you select only competitive keywords versus low competition keywords. This must all begin with a review of your SEO strategy and online marketing goals in order to determine what would work best.

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