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Email Marketing the Ethical Way - Infintech Designs Nov 03, 2015

How to Do Email Marketing the Ethical Way

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your target audiences and it is why is it so highly recommended as a strategy for online marketing. Email marketing can help to improve credibility with your customers while also helping you to grow your sales. However, email marketing is also known for other issues, such as spam and can have a negative impact on a business if done unethically. Here are some tips to help you ensure that your email marketing campaign is done with ethics in mind.

Make Sure to Use Clear Subscription Procedures

Users should have the ability to easily subscribe or unsubscribe from your email marketing list. You should also use double opt-in for your email lists to ensure that your company does have permission to send the user emails. By doing this, you can also verify other contact information to ensure that all of the details are correct.

Use Easy Opt-in, Opt-out

When it comes to opt-in, there should be a link in every email that makes it easy to opt out in just a single or a few clicks. Don’t make it difficult to unsubscribe from your email list and consider removing the subscribers that are continuously not opening your emails to ensure that you are not spamming them. After a user has decided to unsubscribe, you must honor their choice by not sending out any more emails after that.

Send Emails on a Predictable Schedule

Sending emails on a predictable schedule lets your subscribers know what to expect. If you email them once per week, or once per month, let them know upfront the frequency of emails that they can expect. This makes new subscribers less likely to delete emails accidentally simply because they were not expecting them.

Verify Email Lists

If you will send emails out to a contact list, you should make sure that all of the information that you have is up to date. This is harder to do if you have purchased an email list. However, if the individuals are your own customers, you should get in touch with them to make sure that the email that you have is the best address for sending your newsletter emails to.

Use Consistent, Clean Templates

Using a high-quality template for your emails, or even plain text, is recommended as long as you format your emails so that they are easy to read. These templates will ensure that your content is not ignored because it was poorly formatted. You should also make sure that the template provides a good user experience so that it opens quickly and formats correctly on all devices.

Doing email marketing the ethical way simply means that you make your emails enjoyable for your readers and that you respect their subscription preferences. By improving your email marketing strategy, you can be on your way to improving your sales and the profits for your business.

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