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Improve the SEO of Your FAQ Content - Infintech Designs Oct 31, 2015

How to Improve the SEO of Your FAQ Content

If your product or service requires that you maintain a FAQ section, you should pay attention to SEO for this section of your website if it is publicly available. While you may be focusing on making sure that your customers have the important answers that they need, Google is ranking your website for this content accordingly. Here are some tips to improve the SEO of your FAQ content.

Start By Reviewing Popular Content

Are there some pages of your FAQ section that receive more hits than others? What types of content are most important to your visitors? If you can identify which pages of your FAQ section contain the most popular content, this is a good indication that these pages are a place to start with improving SEO.

Making sure that these pages are well-optimized can provide a boost for your search rankings, which will increase traffic to your site. You should also work on eliminating the pages that aren’t receiving traffic or have been given poor ratings from users.

Create Internal Links to Your FAQ Section

Internal links are extremely important when it comes to ranking your website. If you want to improve your SEO, you should make sure that your FAQ section is being linked to from other sections of your website. These links should come from the main pages and product pages. You can also add links that are designed to expand on a particular topic if a site visitor wants to learn more about a topic being discussed on a main or product page of your site.

Check Titles and Tags

Metadata is very important for Google to understand what the pages of your site are about. This information also shows up in the search engines and can determine whether a visitor will find the FAQ pages for your site. Make sure that the title for the page has been specified. The meta description should briefly answer the question that the person might be navigating to the page to obtain an answer to.

Improve the Navigation

If you find that your users are having to use Google to find the FAQ section of your site, then it may be time to improve the navigation of this section of your site. Start by organizing the questions into categories. Then, create a menu or widget for your site that will make it easy for people to click on general topics in the FAQ section that they have questions about. This can help to reduce bounce rates for your site and also improve the user experience of the FAQ section of your site.

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