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Month: October 2015

Improve the SEO of Your FAQ Content

How to Improve the SEO of Your FAQ Content

If your product or service requires that you maintain a FAQ section, you should pay attention to SEO for this section of your website if it is publicly available. While you may be focusing on making sure that your customers have the important answers that they need, Google is ranking your website for this content accordingly. Here are some tips to improve the SEO of your FAQ content. Start By

Tips to Keep Google Happy

Redesigning Your Site? Tips to Keep Google Happy

If you are planning on redesigning your site, it is a good idea to keep SEO in mind. Having a site that is Google-friendly can make your SEO efforts easier. In addition, a well-designed site is likely to improve your conversions and sales as customers will find your new site easier to navigate. Here are some tips for redesigning your website if you want to keep Google happy. Make Sure That

Benefits of Responsive Design for Landing Pages

The Benefits of Responsive Design for Landing Pages

Responsive designs offer many benefits for websites, including lower bounce rates and improved cross-device user experiences. However, offering responsive web design on specific landing pages can also have incredible results as well. Here are some of the benefits of responsive landing pages. Shareability While you likely expect that people will arrive at your landing page from a search

Things to Look for in a Blogger

What Should You Look for in a Blogger?

If you are considering hiring a blogger to assist you with your content marketing efforts, there are some traits that you should look for. Whether you decide to outsource the writing to a third-party or you will hire someone to do it in-house, it is important that your blogger understands the basic principles of content marketing in order to deliver the content that you need. Here are some of

Why People Afraid of Link Building

Why Are People Afraid of Link Building?

These days, it seems like people are afraid to talk about link building when it comes to SEO. However, many people have strong opinions about link building because of the history of the practice. Here is what link building is and what it isn't so that you can use it to your advantage. Why Link Building Got a Bad Rep Over the years, Google has updated its algorithm numerous times. Some of these

Email Marketing Can Grow Your Customer Base

How Email Marketing Can Grow Your Customer Base

Every business owner wants more business. Email can be an easy way to connect with customers to achieve this goal. Email marketing provides a way to keep up with old customers and also educate potential customers about the products and services that you offer. If you want the opportunity to reach your audience in a manner that is cost-effective, email marketing is the tool that you should use.

Google Lowers Rankings for Advertisers

Google Lowers Rankings for Advertisers Using Interstitial Ads

According to a post on the Google Webmaster Central Blog, on November 1, 2015, Google has announced that it will give sites lower rankings that use interstitial ads to promote download of a mobile app by hiding site content. While these ads are typically designed to build the mobile app subscriber base of the sites that use them, Google says that this does not provide a good search experience

SEO Practices for Your Menu Navigation

Best SEO Practices for Your Menu Navigation

As the number of people that use mobile devices to shop continues to increase, you may be wondering about redesigning your navigation menus on your website. Navigation menus offer convenient options for e-commerce sites to organize products by category. In addition, your customers will likely use them to review your site offerings in a logical manner. However, when it comes to SEO, you must

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