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Why-People-Afraid-of-Link-Building - Infintech Designs Oct 17, 2015

Why Are People Afraid of Link Building?

These days, it seems like people are afraid to talk about link building when it comes to SEO. However, many people have strong opinions about link building because of the history of the practice. Here is what link building is and what it isn’t so that you can use it to your advantage.

Why Link Building Got a Bad Rep

Over the years, Google has updated its algorithm numerous times. Some of these changes were designed to help provide better results to users. However, the majority of these updates were aimed at companies and individuals that were using specific practices to greatly influence the search engine results.

During this time, link building became one of the most popular methods of influencing the search engines with automated programs being used to automatically create links. In addition, during the updates of Panda and Penguin, many large businesses were caught in the act of buying links and other shady link building practices to influence their rankings. These businesses were subsequently outed by Google and received lower rankings in the search engines as a result.

What About Links Today?

The truth of the matter is that links are still needed to provide you with high rankings in the search engine. However, what has changed is that the quality of the links. No longer is it okay for you to post to hundreds of websites with a link back to your website. Instead, you must focus on growing links organically with people linking to your site for a good reason. These days, Google has a better idea of what natural links look like and will discount bulk poor quality links accordingly from your rankings.

How Should I Build Links for My Site?

Building links for your site will take a lot more effort these days than simply posting content to free blog websites. In addition, using software to automate the process is completely out of the question if you want the links to appear to be natural to Google.

You should also check your website with Google Search Console to ensure that you have not received a warning for “Unnatural links to your site.” If you have received this warning, you will need to work with an SEO professional to clean up your link profile before building new links to your website.

Many SEO experts have also indicated that they expect social signals to play a large role in rankings in the future. Your link building strategy should incorporate social media marketing. Social media is effective for reaching the influencers of your industry. By reaching out to influencers, you may have the opportunity to write guest posts and have your content mentioned on other websites.

Focusing on growing your brand will help you to build links as more people become aware of your business. You can grow your brand by releasing branded video content, infographics, and other shareable content.

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