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Things-to-Look-for-in-a-Blogger - Inftech Designs Oct 20, 2015

What Should You Look for in a Blogger?

If you are considering hiring a blogger to assist you with your content marketing efforts, there are some traits that you should look for. Whether you decide to outsource the writing to a third-party or you will hire someone to do it in-house, it is important that your blogger understands the basic principles of content marketing in order to deliver the content that you need. Here are some of the traits that you should look for in a blogger.


Experience is important when it comes to writing. The writer should not only have experience as a general writer but should also have specific experience in your industry. If you will outsource content, the writer should be able to provide samples that demonstrate experience in your industry. If someone in-house will write for your business, make sure that the person has worked at your company long enough to understand how your business works.

Understanding of Your Product or Service

The blogger must have a deep understanding of the products and services that you offer in order to provide quality results. You should make sure that you provide training or supply the marketing materials about your business that your blogger will need to review in order to write content for you. Don’t work with a blogger that has little to no experience or understanding of what you offer if you want good results.

Writing Skills

Many business owners make the mistakes of writing their own content or handing the project off to an inexperienced intern. If you want your content marketing efforts to be successful, the blogger must actually have solid writing skills that go beyond spelling and grammar. He or she should have experience with writing content for marketing purposes. Selecting a writer that has an educational background in journalism, copywriting, and other related skills can improve your chances of achieving content marketing success.

Connection With Influencers and Followers

Part of what makes successful bloggers experts at what they do is their ability to connect with their audiences, as well as influencers. By attracting influencers to your website with great content, your blogger can help to create guest blogging opportunities for your business. By developing relationships with followers, your blogger can help to find you new customers or advocates for your brand. Building a successful blog goes beyond writing great posts and must also achieve the coveted goal of relevance in your industry.


Blogging is not a short-term marketing strategy. In fact, it can take several years for your blog to develop a strong following. As a result, you need to make sure that your blogger will remain committed to your blog. When a blogger leaves a company for other opportunities, part of your site traffic could go with him or her. Therefore, you want to make sure that you provide the right incentives, including opportunities for growth, to keep your blogger dedicated to your blog.

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